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Using mod installer with Steam. Where is "ROOT" directory?


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9 hours ago, TMP95 said:

I'm trying to use mod installer. I Have steam version of DCS.

I'm USING OVGME (sp?). Is the root directory the one in my saved games user section. 

Or is it in my Steam folder, Steam apps, common folder?


Actually, both ... some Mods go into the DCS program folder, which in your case is within \Steam Library\steamapps\common\  ... while others go into the \users\your user\Saved Games\DCS World\


For OvGME to handle this, you have to create two configurations, one for each destination. On my case, for saved games I have this:




and for the program path I have this other config:




I dont use Steam, so my path is within C:\Program Files\

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That depends on a mod, but any good quality mod, especially the one that MUST be placed in Saved Games to work at all, usually comes with installing instructions posted in its dedicated thread on the ED forum, or in its description in User Files section of ED site where you got it from (or Discord, Github etc.), or at least should have some readme file.

That will tell you where it needs to go (and thus you will know how to set up OvGME for it).

ED generally recommends putting any custom content in Saved Games to keep the root "clean", but it's not always needed (and in some rare cases, like Nin's MiG-21 sound mod, half of it needs to go into Saved Games, while the rest goes into root). I, like Rudel, have my mods scattered in both locations, managed by two profiles in OvGME.

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