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Patch for 1.1 Demo released!

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Re: Patch for 1.1 Demo released!


Just finished the D/L but need to go sleep, can someone post to let us know if StarForce is still in the patched demo? Thanks.

Looks like NO STARFORCE any more.


I did apply patch + execute StarForce remover + start demo + reboot.

Then there is no starforce driver in the device manager's list.



The patch does not remove StarForce driver.

You have to execute StarForce remover.

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Can't find that d/l link. I've logged on to the site and entered the files area but no link. I still get the sign up button on the right. What am I missing?

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Sweet..good to see the DEV's really lookin to perfect it, goes to show they really do care and are working on it.


Im very very very glad to hear the "sticky camera" bug has been fixed as that was my only major problem I encountered and basically prevented me from playing the demo as a whole. What else has it changed?


BTW, will this 1.1 patch be able to correspond with our modded 1.1 versoins where we Enabled ALL aircraft, models, vehicles, ect?

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Some of the sounds don't play after I've applied the patch f.e. chaff&flares, cannon.

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Cool thanks for the tip! 8)




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