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Trains don't respect destroyed bridges

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Hi ED Development Team,

When building a train mission I realized that a train continued crossing bridges even if they were destroyed. To overcome the issue I've tried the following:

  • a zone which sets the train speed to 0 - didn't work
  • a zone which turns of the AI off the train - didn't work

What ended up working somehow, however it's not feasible, is setting a hold task and stop condition for it, however this would mean that a custom mission framework would have to be added when bridges are destroyed to create zones around them, then push hold tasks to the trains as they enter the zones, etc - quite a lot of work for a workaround, if there's a fix that could be done the same way it's done for vehicles, which re-route if the bridge they were planning on crossing got destroyed.

Would it be possible to address this issue as soon as possible? Trains are really a nice asset in WWII scenarios and would spice the missions a lot if destroying bridges would affect the train supply lines.

Thank you!


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