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F/A-18 can not aerial refuel

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I can't get the F-18 to do a refueling with either the S-3B Tanker or the KC-135.



I set the Hornet's fuel to about 500 pounds, gave it a refueling task, and put the tankers right next to it. It just turned around and landed at the nearest airfield.


I put a F-16 right next to the Hornet. The Falcon refueled with the KC-135.


What gives?

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F-18 can still refuel with KC-135s in RL, but regardless of that, can't in the sim and can't with the sim S-3B.





Also, be back in a few minutes after yum yum dinner. :D

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Use an IL-78M (Ukraine and Russia have them), it has the correct system needed for Hornets to tank up.


Bug report... it appears the refueling pods do not render. They were visible before the F-18 went to refuel, but disappeared once it got the order to refuel.




It reappeared briefly as the F-18 was refueling and it does the extension animation to connect to the hornet. Keep in mind the F-18 was actually refueling the entire time anyway, so its just a visual issue.



But once it got "connected" it disappeared again.



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I did some digging in the scripts folder. The F-18 was set to refuel with "tanker type = 2," and I figured that was the IL-76. Considering I don't usually (never) have IL-76s refueling US Navy aircraft, I switched it to "tanker type = 1," and got it to refuel with a -135:






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