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  1. Scotch, I've looked at both lines and have previously removed "scriptmod" from the paths file. That's not the issue. The error isn't within the paths file - the error is within either of the following two files, UTIL_Functions.lua - Doesnt have a specific line specified but BAT_FirstMission.lua:43 is the following line: dofile("../../../ScriptsMod."..versionPackageICM.."/UTIL_Functions.lua") I've tried replacing /ScriptsMod." with the 20.xx.xx.xx as my current package is, but that doesn't seem to fix the problem either. Messed around and found a few things out of place within UTIL_Functions and the BAT first mission file. Successfully generated and ran through first missions, however, I get the following error when ending a mission:
  2. I've done two reinstalls of the P-51 Normandy campaign - I receive the following error upon running firtmission.bat H:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\luae.exe: cannot open ../../../ScriptsMod."20.38.01/UTIL_Functions.lua: Invalid argument stack traceback: [C]: in function 'dofile' ..\..\..\ScriptsMod.20.38.01\BAT_FirstMission.lua:43: in main chunk [C]: ?
  3. Will be grabbing log files tonight - Whenever I pickle a MK84 I also get an immediate CTD regardless of map. Vanilla install.
  4. Thank you for this, Yoda! Can I ask where you are putting the distance parameters? I'd really like longer carrier legs for my missions.
  5. This will not work with SFM / Non Full-Fidelity aircraft. Helicopters can already take advantage and anything that has a full flight model - The F-15 / 27/29/33 all do not have the code needed to use this.
  6. After flying an aerobatic flight with a group of friends tonight and wanting to grab some screenshots I decided to max out my setting in DCS and found out something peculiar. The track will play totally fine ( No jets breaking off randomly, etc ) as long as I don't mess with AA / AF. Changing either of these settings will make break the track %100 of the time. When taxiing I will run into the jet in front of me, graphics settings back to what they were when flying and it doesn't happen and the track even takes fast forwarding at 30X no problem. Is this a known issue or bug?
  7. All unedited. Felt like taking the Frogfoot for a nice Autumnal flight.
  8. No mods installed, just vanilla 2.0 Cleanup command has no joy as well.
  9. Quick mission loads the first 1/3rd of the way and then hangs. I'm not sure entirely how to read in the logs exactly where I'm killing the process at, it's around the 4+ minute mark. To recap, Updated, Repaired. New Saved Games, Repaired. Still having the same issue.
  10. Removed, no difference. Still won't load. As a side note, both times I've had to repair TWICE before getting the game to launch. Each time the first install doesn't do runtimes. The second repair does and both games will boot. BUT - 2.0.5 is still having the mission editor issue. EDIT: Not sure if it's related or even close to related.. But looking through WinDirStat I see that just Nevada is pushing 33.4 Gigs. IIRC It was previously around 20 correct?
  11. Hello! After updating to 2.0.5 I found out I was unable to load into the mission editor, Not a problem. Ran the repair using SKZillas repair function and rebooted. Same issue, I've waited 11 minutes and finally called it quits. System Specs are as follows; i5-4670k @ 3.4, 16Gb DDR3-1866, PNY GTX 1060 6GB ( W/ Most recent drivers ) Samsung 850 Evo 256 - DCS 1.5 and 2.0 are installed here. 600 Watt platinum plus rosewill PSU. Also,I noticed there was an "failed.ofsh" file inside my 2.0 Saved Games folder, Logs are attached. Logs.zip
  12. Luse

    Clouds mod

    I am not. Just stock DCS with HDR enabled.
  13. Luse

    Clouds mod

    Quick question, For some reason having them installed makes the edges of any terrain look like I have no AA or AF. AF is set to 16 and AA is set to 8xQ. Any ideas?
  14. Same issue here. It seems the mig has more issues pop up with every patch. Hopefully this doesn't happen with the Viggen and Tomcat.
  15. JSYK, The mod is not available on your website. D/L link brings a dropbox 404.
  16. I think when ED updated the forums, they broke some things. All videos are gone from threads!
  17. Hello there ED Et. All. I was wondering if we had an ETA for the update Fulcrum-A template? I've been dying to fly it but have been holding out until we get some more skins. Thanks,
  18. Fix is found : http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2861227&postcount=66 All symptoms are apart of a known bug affecting ED Modules. Mods you can close or delete this thread.
  19. Absolutely! However it doesn't matter how much trim- nose down I encourage. The sim isn't detecting any. From default keyboard settings OR stick. I also just saw the thread below this one :doh: mods if you want, feel free to merge this into that thread. EDIT: Alright, Something very goofy - Been reading up on this, I've disabled FFB and still unable to trim on ED A/C ONLY. EDIT 2 I've been using my G27 pedals as rudder ( clutch , brake and gas ). I've unplugged them once, still had the issue. Replugged them, same issue. Unplugged them. Issue fixed - The issue is only present on ED Aircraft and Modules ( FC3, L-39 Etc ) Any 3rd party module is fine with the G27 plugged in. Tested and verified with Mirage, MiG-21, F-86 I hope this has helped, it's really irritating as I dislike having a twist rudder. - Any ideas?
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