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Star Conflict - Space Shooter (image heavy)


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Thought I'd post this up as I saw it recently and having fun whilst waiting for Star Citizen to come along.


This one is called Star Conflict and is currently free on Steam.

There are paid options which give you ships and credits etc but you don't have to go for that ( I went for the £14 pack and is doing me well to upgrade my ships).




Here are some images with explanations of functions.


Some pew pew ones first.





















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Hangar module












Ship selection preparing for battle and spawning in (cool effects)










Heading to capture a beacon






Some nice maps in the game which you can actually fly around a lot





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I see that it has already reached a high standard for intellectual conversation, too!!





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At the end of the match, if you have won, you pick up loot which gets sold for credits and you get email notification (in the game) where you accept the credits.










With enough credits you can buy ships. Starting ship is 1 credit. I just bought one for 220,000




Once you get your skill points up you get free implants which give power boot to ships, missiles etc.




And you can sign up for contracts with the 3 factions to gain reputation and credits.




The warehouse module is pretty cool where you get upgrades for your ship; shield, hull strength, weapons, etc.




Which you then fit to your ship (interchangeable)




Overall a good fun space shooter.


If you get it, add me on Steam and in game - Ells

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i`d be all over it if it had cockpits. thats my dream for space sims and has been for years, quality cockpits.


Yep I agree with your there buddy.

I thought I'd give this a go whilst waiting for SC hangar and dogfighting modules to get in the "space" mood along with Kerbal :)

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Looks pretty neat, what no cockpit? I will probably give it a go just to get in the mood for some space action...SC is a long way off


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Played it for a couple of hours tonight. Seems like you're ok with just playing for free and levelling up but I can see that paying $$ is the only way to access certain kit. They have 2 in game currencies, 1 (credits) is easy to acquire by just playing, the other currency (inGame$$, which obviously you need for anything particularly useful) you will have to get your credit card out in their online shop.


Also you can exchange $$ for credits and inGame$$ for credits but you can't exchange credits for inGame$$ (funny that ...).


Good model for getting you to part with a bucketful of $ long term. Whatever happened to just paying for a game and be done with it.


Anyways, like I said, its playable without spending $ at the moment but who knows what will happen over time. Enjoy it whilst its free!

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i agree, tbh i wouldnt be all over this if it had cockpits. quite the opposite, just being polite. And this is the is the amazing thing about star citizen imo. it has all the wonderfull aspects of alot of these tainted by F2P gameplay technology, and mmo style implementation, but SC isnt F2P or monthly subbed. so no tainted gameplay there by design. its all based on the simple enjoyability and common sense approach as a game and not the profitability of it. That is a major flaw to any of these titles because in no certain terms can these two abilities be balanced.


i will never F2P any game no matter how well managed it maybe and however free it maybe. its simple inclusion means there is no gameplay. only gamepay and that only means profitability before any real enjoyment.

Edited by Ali Fish


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Yep fully agree with you there and I thought £14 for a game, well that's fairly cheap.

That £14 has allowed me to level up my ships and keep going.

Even if I play it for a couple of months, it's still cheaper than a night out ;)


But I'm sure some fun can be had with the free pew pew's

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LOL dont take this the wrong way but I cant afford a night out. i take the value in gaming very seriously and with that focused design element that is never related to gameplay other than to stifle it into a profitable submission,


LOL .its like paying a blacked out window to open itself so i can see sunshine. the nightmare is that if it becomes mainstream popular then gaming stays in the dark and dawn never comes so no point in even opening the window that already stops you seeing the light.

Edited by Ali Fish


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Amen to that brother!!


I've actually found that since I split up with my girlfriend, I have all this extra cash in my bank from not going out for dinners, cinema's, weekends away, etc.


I remember what those days felt like to have money...for games lol


I'm pretty sure SC won't go that way, or at least hope it won't especially as it's crowd funded already.

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