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  1. Yes, Pre-ordered of course. Now, I want the P-38 to be the next twin engine prop. <S>
  2. Yes works with 2.7 and is still an improvement. Edit: I dunno, maybe I spoke too soon, in my case anyway. With thick white clouds that look blurry and white there seems to be noticeable SDE in my G2. I take it out, it actually looks better. So on the fence now. Geeze <S>
  3. 69 Started with Fighters Anthology met some pilots online there during the dial-up days. we formed the Shadow Demons Squad and had 10 members from around the world. 4 of us still fly today after meeting in the FA Lobby 24 years ago.
  4. As much as you love VR...I wonder how you can resist the opportunity to clear the fog. One would hope ED could implement something along these lines so we do not have to use a Mod. It seems too easy. But I could be wrong.
  5. LOL...Parsing...I’ll give you that...Touche’ Well if you do that, yes. But you need to unzip it into the bin folder not the DCS Main Root folder if you are not using a Mod Manager. <S>
  6. But it is just point and click... once you drop it in JSGME or similar. Nothing hard about that. This is probably the easiest mod to use I’ve seen whether you just drop it in the bin or use something like JSGME. @dburne This will still be needed after 2.7. Nothing in 2.7 will have this effect. Can pretty much guarantee that you will like what you see. You may even say Wow! I can see clearly now... the fog is gone. So much easier on the eyes. Attached is a Zip file containing the mod already set up for JSGME. Just drop it in your _Mods folder and enable it in JSGME. Too easy. Once you get it in...when in DCS toggle it on and off with the "end" key and you can see the difference. The settings in the ReshadePreset File are a good starting point: PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=VRSharpenColor@VR_CAS_Color.fx TechniqueSorting=VRSharpenColor@VR_CAS_Color.fx [VR_CAS_Color.fx] Brightness=0.999000 CA Contrast=0.700000 Contrast=1.001000 MaxDelta=0.100000 Saturation=1.100000 Sharpening=1.800000 <S> ReshadeVR.zip
  7. Any acknowledgment anywhere from ED on this major issue? Edit: OIC...Already reported.
  8. So Im getting older... its tough. Comfort is required for long sessions which I always do. While I love realism, I also love the comfort and simplicity of my Swiveling Chair with VR. My HOTAS is mounted to the chair along with a (wireless) mouse pad so my controls turn with me. it is rare that I swivel around to look back but it is just too easy to painlessly check 6 and maintain all controls. If that is considered a cheat then so be it... Even though my fitness is good without disabilities, I earned that right when I hit 69. And thanks to the Universal Shaders Mod...I can see clearly now... the “Fog” has been lifted. <S>
  9. Have to say this is a good find. Works very well with my rig which is getting older now. Everything looks much more clear to me including the Cockpit. The veil has been lifted. (I am able to keep 100% Resolution) No noticeable performance hit. Thanks OP and those who tested and tweaked. This is great! What I do not understand though, is why ED could not have already done something like this to enhance VR for the Sim? <S> System: Thing is....Zuckerberg is definitely an Alien... Some Kind of Grey Hybrid Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Test Bench, ASUS P8Z77-V, i7-3770K @ 4.6GHz, Noctua AC, 32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro, EVGA 1080TI 11GB, 2 Samsung 840 Pro 540GB SSDs Raid 0, 1TB HDD, EVGA SuperNOVA 1300W PS, Razor Nari Wireless SS Headset, TrackIR5/Wireless Proclip, TM Warthog, Saitek Pro Combat Pedals, 75" Samsung 4K QLED, HP G2, Win 10
  10. Same problem today just out of the Blue for most everything including Terrains......I have almost all modules but not all are installed and have been running this way for years. How did OP resolve? Or has he? Edit: yes fixed...Apparently, A windows update set my Auto time Zone setting to off - default. Never seen that before. It really should not be a thing.
  11. Late to this party but I Support this effort if VR is in play. I could have some fun with a Tank 3D cockpit. Good luck! <S>
  12. Sorry if already mentioned, I haven’t seen anything. Wondering if the M-31 Aircraft Carrier Arresting Gear will be modeled and functional at Tinian Airport (West Field)? From the News Letter: “In May 2012, the United States Marine Corps VMFA-121 operated its F/A-18D Hornets from the airport using M-31 aircraft carrier arresting gear systems.This airport is now owned by Commonwealth Ports Authority. 66883E29-0A12-44BB-8883-16B14575E7E1.webp
  13. Mine arrived yesterday... I was expecting January 2021 so surprised in a good way
  14. Like it...this is fine with Dark Background
  15. I hardly notice it so No big deal in VR for me.
  16. When you guys get everything lined out...please post all of your settings for DCS, Steam stuff along with system specs. That would be most appreciated by those of us who wait for delivery. Thanks in advance for the heavy Lifting.
  17. Yes about 5 ft. I have a portable chair with my HOTAS mounted on it. Headset and TIR Proclip is wireless.
  18. Cool solution...but no issues here. I use a SAMSUNG 75” QLED. I just used some small sticky rubber spacers and mounted the camera on top per usual. It has been there over a year with no issues. Never have to touch it. Also use VR but sometimes I will go big screen when I need some eye candy.
  19. Specifically, open Comms Menu, select crew, select Salute for F18...and hold on.
  20. Auto or cold depends on how I feel at the time. This has nothing to do with my expertise as a Sim Pilot and does not affect my experience in any way. Whatever floats your boat!
  21. I converted my TIR to wireless 9 years ago. Still on the same rechargeable battery. http://sdsquad.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=58d22c32a53fbda54d5b7327aae810cb&topic=2403.0
  22. He was obviously being facetious. <S>
  23. Welcome to DCS! Thank you for your Service. <S>
  24. Mapping controls is not that hard to do. If are new and you just want to fly, we are talking about pitch, roll, rudder, throttles and Trim. When you want to dig deeper and add more, its not rocket science. Are people really so lazy they want it auto-magic...go figure.
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