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Throttle use in flight?


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Maybe just for fuel economy... for maneuvering is too much delay, I think. Even the increase decrease RPM for free turbine is not much of use in normal aerobatic ground attack messing around mode :) .


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Thanks for the info, total rotor noob here :)



I am rotor noob too, but I've found a short and very useful introduction to Huey at digitalcombatsimulation.com . You have some information about controlling throttle there: when it is at max, it will be auto controlled to keep stable RPM.


Furthermore, great to watch are some videos, where you can learn the basics of helicopter flight. I was surprised how many things more I need to learn (even when I am quite experienced airplane simmer and now during PPL(A) course in real life ).



I've found this in the pdf manual:

"Rotating the pilot or copilot twist grip-type throttle to the full open position allows the overspeed governor to maintain a constant rpm. Rotating the throttle toward the closed position will cause the rpm to be manually selected instead of automatically selected by the overspeed governor."

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