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Engine temp/workload uneven?


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The mi-8 has an automatic anti ice system wich turns on engine and blade anti ice if it detects that icing conditions exist. However, the left engine anti ice can only be activated manually. In your pick, right engine anti ice has been turned on automatically, while left engine anti ice is still off. So you can either turn off automatic anti ice or manually turn on left engine anti ice. That should even out engine loads since engine ai noticeably reduces engine performance

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I found the same answer. Someone on youtube pointed me that I should do a check to my engines as the difference between temperatures should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius :D. Later I discovered that Toggling circuit breakers 1 2 and 3 on the last (ninth) zone of circuit breakers did start antiicing on right engine.


Antiicing and anti dust protections can be switched off and on only on left... right is buggy I suppose.


So either you don't turn those circuit breakers on. Either you be careful and press the big black button of STOP on anti ice and antidust panel so all Antiice and dustprotections are off. Or... you turn on the left antiice and antidust also if necessary (high alt flight or winter)


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