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About this Squadron

TFK is a long established group in the Australasian region, a good mix of Kiwis and Aussies in a casual, friendly, adult environment. Unique missions running on our dedicated server 24/7 and regular flying times. Our Discord channel https://discord.gg/hukDBGG5
  1. What's new in this squadron
  2. Hi all- Are you guys still up and flying? Looking for an active NZ or Aus SQN to train and fight with. Have a good one
  3. For the last 15 years TFK has flown an annual mission on ANZAC Day to pay tribute and say thanks to our current and former serving personnel in the New Zealand and Australian defense forces, this year will be no different.
  4. Last Choppa mission of the Syrian campaign, one not to be missed! Wopwopwopwop
  5. From formation practice to air to air refueling, CASE 1 or CASE 3 carrier ops, or an organized 'Work up' series that explores some of the more complex elements of aerial warfighting as a team, either way Thursday is the time to come and learn stuff.
  6. Our main gathering each week, the big Sunday mission! Always something new and unique, from campaigns spanning months, to single one off missions or we might just gather on the dedicated server and make something up on the spot and there is no shortage of options there! Sure to leave you exhausted in that 'good burn' sort of way. A night not to be missed.
  7. Helicopter based missions every Tuesday night 20:00NZ, Kicking off from The Flying Kiwis Discord channel. Always something new and challenging. One of our biggest weekly events.

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