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  1. Can we please please do a temporary fix to the F16 fuel leak issue? Right now, the logic seems to be very very basic, something like: IF fuselage damage (from even some guy with small caliber weapons hitting you pretty much anywhere) THEN leak all fuel out of all fuel tanks rapidly. Doing any kind of strafing runs, low altitude bombing or whatnot is a bit boring when even the tiniest bullet impact means your aircraft will now be out of fuel in a minute or so... If you can't fix it in short time, can't you just remove fuel leak from the game until you can.
  2. Agree with every point made. I really wish it would take top priority. So tired of rolling around and wobbling
  3. Hard to post a track of this, because for me, who drops them, it looks perfectly fine. However, steps to replicate: - Select snakeyes - Change snakeyes to low-drag - Drop snakeyes on target - See the snakeyes fall perfectly fine on your screen - On other players screens, and for the server, the snakeyes fall in high drag mode, and fall far away from target
  4. Burning jet fuel when your landing weight is perfectly fine is though
  5. Yea. That's a nice work-around that will work in some cases. However, if you have burned mostly your external fuel, and land with a lot of internal, I guess it will not fill up the externals even one bit. So then you're left with two un-natural scenarios 1. Burn a lot of extra fuel to give yourself less internal fuel 2. Jettison the external tanks Neither is a good option immersion wise, but it is what it is. I guess I will keep jettisoning all my external tanks over random villages
  6. Yea. This has been a shortcoming for such a long time. With A2A refueling, the tanks gets topped off, which is nice. Due to this "bug", jettisoning your fuel tanks before landing becomes a habit, so you don't have to rearm twice before heading back out.
  7. Since this seems to be a thing both for the Apache and the Tomcat (of the modules that I've flown personally), I'm guessing this "issue" is stemming from something deeper in the code, than something you can fix in the module itself. Either way: I can't count how many times me, and people I fly with, have wanted to adjust our control bindings, and then figuring out some seconds/minutes later, that we are actually binding controls for the wrong seat. This is of course mostly a problem when you are either the CPG in the AH64, or RIO in the F14 (probably also other modules I have not flown). Would it be possible at all, to make the "adjust controls" options, actually automatically jump to the control bindings of the seat you are currently occupying? So you don't have to change from pilot to cpg/backseat every time you want to adjust controls.
  8. Seems to be a problem now as well? I just starting playing with this module, and I can't see any difference between fire/caution light on, and off.
  9. Just had it myself as well on a multi-player server. Rws mode,locked up a bandit. Bandit ran away, radar scope clear, ant elev axis frozen. Changing to a-g and back unfreezes
  10. It was between the village and the canyon. Seemed to be AI stuff yea. I saw the convoy "bunching up" a lot of times. Before the canyon they just stopped in the middle of the road, and never moved again (after the canyon f10 command)
  11. We tried again. Unfortunately the convoy just stopped moving at some point (after we told it to move) so we had to abort the mission. Are there any random elements at all, or is it all pre-determined ?
  12. Tried it out today. Cool mission! Me and a friend went coop in one AH64. We had to reload once, since we were the only chopper there, but even then, some hidden tank killed the entire convoy alone :p. I guess we'll try again another time
  13. I've had this as well in the AH64 in the latest patch. Restarting the game always fixes it for me at least.
  14. Yea indeed. I don't think me, nor anyone else, wants the RWR to be a very basically programmed "if locked on, then spike warning" kind of instrument. As mentioned before, it is especially prevalent in big multiplayer missions, where you have friendly and enemy AI fighters etc, that fight each other. You can then be sitting on the tarmac in Dubai, while some AI jets fight each other out in the gulf, with no radar beams even remotely close to your position. It just makes me turn off the RWR a lot, to stop the fake spike warnings, but of course, I will often forget to turn it back on. Which leads to other problems :P. And as also mentioned, it's a problem with mud spikes as well. It just seems like the logic is almost on the level of "if your plane is inside the emitters regular azimuth limits, you will get spiked if he locks on someone tens of degrees off".
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