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  1. Seeing Baltic states in DCS would be great. There was/are plenty of airfields built during Cold War
  2. Please see attached track file. It feels like it's impossible to use AG radar with the frozen image. Steps I have a steerpoint near the airfield, I set the radar to get a good picture with DBS2, I let the radar do the sweep, I freeze the image and then slew cursor to the desired location on the frozen image. The actual SPI moves twice as much (see the SPI through helmet in the track). This renders the radar pretty much useless if you don't bring a TGP with you. F16 AG bug.trk
  3. Thanks @silverdevil. To use DSR is it enough to choose the resolution in DCS or you have to change your system display resolution?
  4. Hello, Looking for a little help to get rid of the shimmering issue. I run DCS in 12700K and 3080. Basically, no matter what AA settings I use I get bad shimmering all over the screen. Currently I'm set to MSAA x2 and SSAA x1.5 with 27 inch screen at 1440p resolution. The following video shows the problem. Take a look at the horizon line and the outlines of all the objects and textures. I am basically use settings close to Spudknockers' and he definitely doesn't get the same results on his videos. Here's what I tried so far: - Clean up and slow repair - Using Nvidia DSR at 1.78 and 2.25 - Using Transparency AA and MFAA via the Nvidia control panel - Using 4x MSAA and x2 SSAA - Using Anisotropic filtering at x8/x16 The issue persists at all possible AA and AF settings inside and outside DCS. Attaching my DCS settings, a track file and the log files. Thanks for any help in advance! Shimmering test.trk dcs.log DxDiag.txt
  5. I find George utterly imprecise with the gun. He finds the target, lazes it, shoots it and rounds usually fall long no matter if we hover or keep flying.
  6. Alright, so trim for any asymmetry it is. Thanks all again!
  7. Thank you all for your opinions! It would be interesting to see some reference to one or the other but I’m struggling finding any. Thanks anyway!
  8. I know it has been brought up a couple of times but I am just looking for confirmation. It seems very odd to me that on a FBW airplane like F16 we have to trim for bomb dropped from one wing. I've spoken to an ex block 52 pilot from Polish air force and he told me that when you drop a bomb the aircraft slightly drops wing to the heavy side and corrects itself in a few moments. Same behavior is observed in the other sim I'm being told. So, do we expect some changes to FCLS any time soon to eliminate the need to retrim when dropping bombs or it is "correct as is" now? Thanks in advance!
  9. Solved by slow repair, fast repair didn't help.
  10. Hi. Jut updated to the latest version of DCS and can't see any servers. ip v6 is enabled, I did a repair, I did reboot the computer, I rebuilt the saved games folder. Running out of options. Log attached. TIA dcs.log
  11. 1060 user here. After 2.7.7 had to crank all the settings down and was getting 37 fps with everything low-low except basic textures and was getting GPU usage at 100%. Yesterday decided to try and add shadows on high and msaa x2 and guess what? Same 100% gpu usage and same 37 fps. Weird!
  12. Perhaps, one of the developers couple reply? Track hold clearly is broken and doesn’t work at all. It’s far too easy to replicate. get a target in TWS, shoot a phoenix, if the target is lost before pitbul phoenix never gets activation command on the track hold target.
  13. Situation: me fighting a Mig, launching a Phoenix. Mig notches me for a second and I lose track but it’s kept in track hold (TTG around 20 sec). Phoenix never activates on track hold target, flies past it. 2 questions: is this intended behaviour? If yes, what is the purpose of track hold? I fly with Jester if that matters. Thanks in advance.
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