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  1. Bump - this is a valid request I would love to see.
  2. Yep - another bump, incoming!!
  3. +1 - Shades or a visor for me. Either or. Agreed this is needed.
  4. Soooooo, we 100% agree on that. Feel free to chime in on my B-25 topic. Lol
  5. Well… if I were gonna wish….. B-2. Imagine that! Ha! B-1, B-17, B-25, B-52, B-58, well… basically any heavy is a buy from me. Oh <profanity>, imagine a Tupolev!!!!!!
  6. So, with the HH-47, I would prefer a more modern version rather than classic. I would love multi-crew with door gunner positions available, sides and rear ramp. Along with that, I would be even happier if ED absorbed the Arma brand and worked on integration. Would take us another step closer to a more realized digital combat simulator. Lol
  7. I’d buy and fly a modern Cobra. Would be nice to get a nice wasp flat top with it as well.
  8. I actually prefer to pilot and command George. I’ve been enjoying it immensely. I have ancient internet, so couldn’t multi if I wanted. I’m really looking forward to the AI updates and performance improvements.
  9. I would hope… hope I tell you… that the new modules are being built for the new new tools and adapted to the current set. I’m sure they are.
  10. Vive pro user here as well - I have the exact same issue. Disabled the balaclava so it’s not so distracting.
  11. This… this is what I could see happening.
  12. I’d even love to set a pre mission priority list for him. So we can auto prioritize SAMs or scuds or whatever we set. Then work down that list with his auto search ability.
  13. Yeah, i’m having an issue on cold start ups. No control or input is moving my throttles to idle from the cutoff position. Stops me from completing a cold start. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve tried the stock keybinds, switches on my warthog, and the number one throttle axis, no luck. Just leaves me the hot start missions. Which have been an absolute blast. I’m looking forward to the patch.
  14. That's my thinking. I know they're working on it. But I was under the impression the effect wouldn't be out any time soon. It looks great.
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