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  1. Hi, I’m new to SoW and multiplayer in general. Really having a blast on the server with SRS. Thanks Phil and all those involved. I was just wondering if someone could explain why the Antons are spawned hot start with zero fuel? The engine cuts out and I have to restart unless I’m really fast at getting the ground crew to refuel. Is it some server or multiplayer limitation? Just curious as it only affects the Anton. Thanks!
  2. +1 for vrs on this mission. Was my first crash in the module too. I wasn’t pleased
  3. Think I’m also experiencing a similar issue. Just trying the ATGM training mission amd I can skew the sight laterally but not vertically. It seems to jump back to a nose high position even if I keep the slew hat pressed downwards
  4. I guess we will hear something either way within the next day. Still gives me time to finish the manual at least
  5. Maybe it’s my current timezone I’m GMT +8 right now. But it showed the 16th for me a few hours ago.
  6. Release date changed to June 17th on steam now.
  7. Caution Spoilers. Ive been playing Reforger the past few days and as soon as I got to mission 5 and 6 where there some A2A action, I started having issues. Cannot get a single kill with Phoenix from several different ranges. It’s tracking because it lofts but then just seems to be easily beaten. I invariable end up eating an r27 before I can get a sparrow off the rail. It’s really ruined the sim for me along with the AMRAAM issues.
  8. Not sure I can wait around till then
  9. Is the Herc broken again? Just fired up v6.5 and I’m getting blank screens and CTD. Was fine a few days ago. Anyone have the same issue? Has there been an update to 2.5.6 recently?
  10. Could you share what you did to get it working? I’m having same issue just now. Thanks.
  11. HI all, I've just transferred over from Steam to Standalone but my campaign progress has been reset to Inactive for all campaigns. Is there a file I can copy from the Steam install to the standalone that will allow me to continue progress in the standalone version? Thanks
  12. I've just tried this and my modules do not appear in Standalone after transfer. They show transferred on my DCS account profile. Any chance its linked to the free to play or is there something else going on? Thanks
  13. I'm having the same issue. Just switched to standalone right now and my modules aren't showing. I wonder is it linked to the Free to Play? Can anyone else answer?
  14. Issue is still present as of today. I’ve just been learning the tomcat in the free to play period and experienced this while learning the LANTIRN.
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