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  1. For most people in VR, 5FPS can be the difference between smooth and stutter-fest. That's a pretty big deal.
  2. Yeah but we all have different ideas of what looks "good" though, don't we? That's why I keep telling people to do their own work and experiment, rather than going with what some guy on a forum claimed is "optimal" or "perfect".
  3. Shimmering is going to be more to do with the resolution you are using than the level of sharpening. Too low, and no amount of MSAA or sharpening reduction is going to smooth the jaggies.
  4. The one and only. It's a feature of Steam which allows you it to show overlays, such as messages, your achievements, menu screens, etc, over the top of the game you're playing. It works in both pancake and VR modes. Settings => In-Game => Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. Shift+Tab brings it up in pancake mode by default. I can't remember what opens the VR menus though, since I don't use SteamVR anymore.
  5. Same experience here. I may not have the latest graphics card, but I can comfortably fly the Huey, Ka-50, AV-8B and Mirage at any speed and altitude with no performance hitches. The Hind is a different story, often showing choppiness just looking around on the ground, let alone flying the thing. I'm really hoping that there is further optimisation coming for this one...
  6. This is primarily a way of getting Reshade to work in VR. It's a quality enhancement mod which gives the end user more sliders to play with, rather than a performance mod. The Kegetys shaders are kind of the opposite. They're a replacement for DCS's stock shaders that should boost performance on most systems, while making minimal (noticeable) changes to visual quality. There could be a host of reasons. VR may be getting more prevalent among simmers, but their primary market is still the pancake crowd. Creating new sim features and new DLC content generates good income, making your game engine perform better in VR might too but not to the same extent. I've heard there are long-term performance enhancements in the works that will benefit everyone, so perhaps it would be a waste of their time messing with minor short-term hacks for the VR crowd right now. Who knows?
  7. I would hardly call that "ages old". If you're really familiar with GitHub, you'll know that there is a clear date on everything that is uploaded so you know how recent the last update was on any given project. The instructions are pretty clear on the GitHub pages for most of this stuff as to how to get it installed, so I honestly don't understand the confusion. No you don't, and I have no idea where you got the idea that you do. Reshade is very quick and easy to install. That's a mighty fine way to get yourself scammed out of cash by some idiot looking for easy money. I realise that there are an abundance of people out there these days with more money than sense, but please do yourself a favour... try using your sense rather than attempting to solve your issues with cash. Over time, it'll make you a smarter person that is more capable of working things out yourself, rather than relying on complete strangers.
  8. Yep, and the requirements for using this mod with that app have been explained at least twice, which you'd have known if you'd bothered to read before posting. Or if that was too much effort for you, you could have used the forum functionality to search this thread for a keyword such as "SkateZilla". Posts asking the same questions over and over are the ones that add nothing to threads and waste time and space. I won't apologise for my attitude, because I am sick and tired of people that are too lazy or too brainless to do anything for themselves these days, no matter how simple.
  9. Not being funny mate, but this is explained multiple times throughout this thread, including in the 3-4 posts directly above yours. Try reading before posting.
  10. The only way we have all the complexity and detail we have in DCS is because it uses it's own engine. Try to do that in a general game engine, especially one you didn't create yourself, and it just won't work. Right off the bat, for any added functionality for new systems you'll be waiting on the owner of the engine to do what you need done. Their priorities are not going to match with yours, especially for a general engine which is not specifically designed for flight simulations. And that's just problem one on an incredibly long list of other issues. Just because Unreal is capable of creating pretty graphics in a first-person-shooter does not mean it is any good for anything else, especially something with the complexity and scale of a flight simulation.
  11. Make sure you are starting the sim in SteamVR mode and that the files are in the right place. It definitely works on a Rift S because I tried it myself. Not worth the performance loss though, since the game runs much better in native Oculus mode.
  12. What difference does that make? Not everyone does the training missions. I'm one of them. I'd rather read up on the various Hind systems I don't know about than sit through a training mission which wastes time by including things I already know. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So if you know the answer then great, provide it, but no need to be a nob about it.
  13. Was there ever any resolution to this issue? I'm having something similar in that the in-game PD slider is being completely ignored. Regardless of whether it is set to 0.5 or 2.5, the image and performance remain the same, so nothing is being applied. I've even checked the options.lua file and have confirmed the setting is being saved, but it just isn't doing anything. I can set PD using Oculus Tray Tools without issue (although automatic profile activation is iffy with DCS now for some reason), but I don't get why the in-game slider is being ignored. Any ideas? I'm using a Rift S.
  14. It's a real shame that something like this isn't useable with native Oculus mode, because it has such a positive impact on both colour and clarity. Using SteamVR is a massive performance hit on Oculus headsets though, and while OpenComposite offers a boost for games that would normally be SteamVR-only, it's still a performance hit compared to native Oculus mode. Here's hoping someone figures out how to do it through Oculus one day... or perhaps that DCS will give us similar options on it's own. Yes. Just install it using JSGME or equivalent and you can install/uninstall it at will.
  15. Yeah, but when it's off in that video the fan blades look all... floppy. Are they made of soft rubber in real life too?
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