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  1. Hi there, any news on this amazing project? Would be possible to have at least an AI version available for the Vulcan soon? Thanks in advance
  2. Grazieee! But unfortunately the flyable version does not work - it crashes the cockpit and other views at mission launch - maybe please test it whenever you can on your DCS to see if you may have the same issue too, Thanks
  3. Great mod! However seems any a/a missiles on central pylon will not fire, with or without other missiles loaded on wing pylons. Is this true or am I missing something? Thanks
  4. Bello! would it be possible to have a flyable version of this one too? Grazie!
  5. Fantastico! Grazie un milione, seguo i tuoi post con molta attenzione e apprezzo moltissimo il tuo lavoro e mod! A proposito, hai x cso avuto modo di migliorare l'Horten?
  6. Fighissimo! Any chance to have it flyable? BTW still needs some rework on the propeller, looks off center in my DCS OB... Thanks
  7. Ciao Hawkeye60, Italiano? anyways: I really like the flyable Horton, however only issue I have is that the external view (F2) zoom looks way too far from the aircraft, even if you zoom at the minimum the plane is still way too small in the image...I tried every settings in the Views.lua but I can't correct this...any suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance
  8. Many Thanks! it solved the issue
  9. Hi Everyone, since latest OB update I have an issue with the Su 30 SM - see video attached. the cockpit is stuck on that visual, no matter if is reset to straight forward position, it's jump back to this "seat"visual. Any other version MKM, MKI etc. works fine instead. It's not a conflict with other mods, as I tried to remove all other mods from aircraft folder, but issue stays. Any help? thanks New video.mp4
  10. Hi Everyone, has anyone seen this new mod (not my work, kudos to JSN64 for this job!) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3323158/ flies/feels very well IMHO
  11. Hi Guys, I wonder if you can help here. Since latest OB update, If I select the Magic on any french fighter mod, VSN or not, it is invisible. You can still fire it etc., but it's a ghost However, if I select as module the official M2000, no issue, the missile shows fine in all its splendor... Anyone seen this before? solutions? Thanks
  12. would be great if you could please share a beta of the Victor anyway, without refueling, Many Thanks in advance
  13. not Swedish, Danish, but still would be cool in DCS...;-)
  14. nice skin, is there a downloads link to share? Really love the F-104 - is there a plan for other EFM upgrades with original cockpits forVSN modules in the plan? F-105 would be awesome
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