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  1. Unerstood and feel the frustration as well, but at the end of the day we will get a Super Tuc, it will just take some time. Did Razbam 'promised it to the community' or did they actually just show some work in progress? I doubt very much that any dev (apart from the long departed VAEO?!) would promise something, especially Razbam, who have fallen foul of customer backlash before.
  2. From their discord it's being made for a military contract, once tha's been fullfilled we might see it. Don't expect it any time soon though.
  3. What are your graphic settings like? Mine are mostly set to medium. I've had to lower my expectations with VR in order to get playable frame and 'ok' graphics. An M2 SSD and 64gig of ram have also helped.. Good luck, hope you find a solution soon.
  4. Sorry that you're getting poor VR. I've had quite good performance in VR, on both Syria and Caucases in MP servers with high player numbers. I only have a 1070 and rift s and it works fine for me.
  5. You have the option of IIRC 3 types of F-16 in the mission editor, which one have you downloaded the skins for? If it's the F-16C Block 50 then save them in the following folder: C:\Users\<yourName>\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\F-16C_50
  6. RAF Phantoms were F-4K (FG.1 - RNFAA) and F-4M (FGR.2 - RAF) based on heavily modifed F-4J. The F-4J eventually pitched up in UK service as the F-4J(UK) (or 'F.3' - RAF) to fill a gap in Air Defence due to other RAF Phantoms rotating dowwn to the Falkland Islands.
  7. Perhaps language differences, I wasn't snapping back at you, merely pointing out that the answers you seek are available in the both the video and also in the transcript posted below it. George is referenced specifically as being under developement as the a co-pilot/gunner (CPG) at 3:20. I think you may be confusing the features that were stated earlier in the video that are already available in the build (George as pilot, allowing us (the player) to be CPG). What I'm hearing is that George will be capable of both roles on EA release? Either way, like you I'm really looking forward to the release of this one.
  8. Yes, watch the video or read Admiral Z's post above.
  9. Would you do seperates? Interested in the stick & base only.
  10. Agreed, apart from the 'weather balloons' it's no MOB.
  11. 'EMM Vee Pee' happend, where a well meaning group attempted to shake up the VA scene, then there was massive VA community uproar/backlash, then it all went wrong and nothing was happening, then a few enterprising souls got together..see link in hotray's post.
  12. Some amazing details on the channel map. Noticed this chap as I was buzzing about and said hello!
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