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  1. Well, that seems to work . . . I will have to play around with it a bit. If I open the menu in flight and close out, the screen becomes liquidy and distorted. Alt_Tab out and back again clears the liquid behavior but, the screen becomes jittery and stutters like having the wrong resolution. May in fact just go back to using Reshade for I am only looking for the color benefits. I have not suffered with image clarity nor FPS like the rest of the world seems to be. Thank you for you input... Big Help it was. Nothing is ever simple now is it.
  2. Hey there, thanks for responding, To make OpenXR Toolkit work the first place, my read and understanding was to in install OCXR_WMR_ACC currently v0.6.3 which contains the following: OBS pugin Folder D3DCompiler_47.dll opencomposite.ini openvr_api.dll That last file, openvr_api.dll, gets over-written by DCS during clean/repair anyway with the original file. The original being 584 KB in sized and the patched being 1.35 MB. The suggestion to clean/repair is also instructed while updating versions. These are the files to which I refer to as having removed. The second instruction is to uninstall OpenXR Toolkit v1.1.2 and then run the v1.1.3 msi installer. To which I did and subsequently all I have done. Reverting back to 1.1.2 works just fine. Also, the "OBS pugin" folder is packed as "OBS pugin" not, "OBS plugin"
  3. Ver 1.1.2 has been working very well . . . I am impressed with the visual results! Prior to updating, I removed all files that I am aware which need removal and installed 1.1.3. WMR Portal now throws up a blue dialog box with the following message: "the app slate because the current immersive app doesn't. to use an app slate, return to your mixed reality home first support using app slate with it" Uh . . . The app slate does what because what doesn't? . . . This is a rather ambiguous . . . for me at least? Not familiar with this type of message . . . Any one seen this before?
  4. Very impressive, nicely done! Thank you for this . . . been enjoying for several hours now.
  5. Thank you BitMaster . . . Life is a wonderful gift to us all . . . and always worth the fight!
  6. I cannot say for sure what maybe the issue for what your currently experiencing however, I can say this: Memory management within windows, though has gotten better over the years is not the greatest. It is not so much a result of window but with coding. Think of it this way; When a given program loads, it looks for unused blocks of memory to reside. Running any addition application, can inadvertantly write over a block or portion of a block, even windows itself can do this. When current application in use is brought again to the foreground, the data may have been overwritten and the application crashes. It does not matter what application/s are currently running . . . this can be the result for many. Browsers, antivirus, power managers, background print managers or, really anything running in the background in any number of combinations when brought forward can stomp on and over write a memory-block currently in use by other threads. Try stopping any unnecessary apps and services which are not immediately required and try again. Many are often misled by the assumption that it is the current running application i.e, DCS that is culprit I can tell you more often it is not. No application developer can compensate or second guess bad coding by another developer nor are they even remote aware of which others might be installed or how nicely they my play together. Developers cannot test every possible combination of apps or configuration of the user. I have a dedicated machine which only runs DCS and X-Plane and only applications pertaining to the two. I have a main install folder with all the bells and whistles for each app, and a second installation for testing new devices, drivers, modules or mods? I currently only experience issues from my own mistakes.
  7. We survive only to fight again . . . And yes, patience is a virtue. I would like to see how'd they handle a 486 @ 50MHZ flying Jane's Longbow . . . ~snicker,snicker~ Lot of talent out there . . .
  8. Thank you Sir! Wishing I'd not mentioned my personal issues, for it was really about all of you here in DCS. As for next year, I have many things to do to catch up . . . My biggest desire is however is to deflect some lead in my AH-64D.
  9. That's Okay, it fixed itself with this last update . . .
  10. I waited a year for my pre-order G2 to arrive. Actually, I and a friend in 1982 were creating video-linked hardware and goggles however, the technology just was not there. I waited and waited for the technology to catch up. Most headsets were disappointing that I watched over the years. I took a chance before I died to finally invest in the G2. I have not been disappointed. There may be better unit but, not in my price range. Our original concept was for someone to wear the goggles, while another flew the airplane as hard and fast as possible, dodging any and every obstacle, while attempting to scare the crap out of they who were currently wearing the goggles. The first to remove them or scream were the loser!
  11. To Eagle Dynamics, All Members, Contributors, Developers, Programmers, etc, I have been fighting a bone cancer now for four years and am finally in remission. DCS World and X-plane have been my only distraction. I am in debt to all of you. I own every module, and pretty much every Mod. In the beginning, and for almost 9 months following, the most torturous aspect to being sick was, having DCS installed and not even being able to play due to paralysis... A broken spine. I am sorry to state that I have made little effort since to remark or express a liking or, dislike to any and all of your works. Like YouTube, lets just remove the dislike button altogether (by the way, what the "F")? Your collective minds and contributions are all remarkable. I like all that apply to my installation. I have no criticisms or critiques. Well, maybe bigger booms! All patrons, at every level of experience are awesome. (Sappy Part), You have been my comrades, compadres, collaborators, colleagues and every other synonym one might use. All have been my unacknowledged friends and mentors. Differences aside, we come from all over the world with no other objectives in mind but share ideas and to enjoy this program which Eagle Dynamics has created for us. To all of you . . . Thank you for being there, for me, and for all other members you assist. Most of all, Thank you Eagle Dynamics. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  12. Anyone else crashing in the new missions at mission start? Everything else is fine . . . just curious?
  13. C:\Users\%username\Saved Games\DCS\Config C:\Users\%username\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config
  14. My Mother once, while investigating a corporate merger at the USDOJ, looked up Hard Drive(images)on an unrestricted network . . . she walked away before the results completed. Her co-workers were rather amused upon her return. I told her older adults have no business on the Internet . . . She also called me on the WATS one day as, she was now transferring to another division . . . Her question: "How do I delete my X-Files?" The next question posed to her was "Eh-um . . . Where are these "X-Files" of which you speak? God Bless Mothers . . . Oh sorry . . . The X-files were pictures of Scully, Mulder and Aliens . . . She didn't want to be embarrassed should anyone discover her secret!
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