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  1. Does anyone have a tutorial video of how they navigated to the waypoints in the first campaign (Nevada)? I quickly get lost as soon as I'm airborne. I can follow the aircraft, but they eventually land and I'm left in the air alone. Looking at the waypoints on the kneeboard doesn't really help either.
  2. All: I've gone through the navigation tutorial in the Georgia map and thought I could handle the first mission in the Nevada campaign. I can't understand it. There are no way points like in the A10 that are programmed into the navigation system, so I have to do VFR but it's very hard to spot those planes. I tried looking at the mission planner, but I have no idea what LSV-R 135 or any of that means. How would I navigate to each of the way points? Also, how do you interpret what the pilot is saying to you?
  3. That was expensive! I got that manual in spiral bound and the P51 and F5E manuals as well. Cost a LOT of money!:thumbup:
  4. Yep, back-patched and FPS is back up again in VR mode. This is a problem with F5E module with Nevada map. Not sure what happened there.
  5. Please tell me how you rollback? I'm experiencing the same issue in DCS2.0 Alpha.
  6. How can you pull 16G when the max load on the plane says 7.5G? Does that mean the F-16 can pull 18Gs (2 * 9G)?
  7. Yes, I did this. But the keyboard part is still set to "View" for example for the F3 key. I'll try clicking on it with the mouse and see if that works.
  8. I'm having a hard time with selecting options for the UHF radio for selecting menu options when you want to talk to tower. I'm using VR headset so I can't find the F-keys right away. I was looking to change my Warthog flight stick POVs to assign specific F-keys so I don't have to worry about looking out of my headset. In any case, this does not work as DCS will not recognize the assigned key when the communication menu is displayed. Is there something that I'm missing?
  9. Don't misunderstand. When you first takeoff you will have the stick all the way back to establish stability. Once you start to feel the plane bobbing forward, you will gently push the stick forward until you are in the NEUTRAL position. He does NOT mean pushing the stick forward from neutral!
  10. OMG! I can't believe it was this statement all along!! I just took off 4 times in a row without crashing!! :thumbup:
  11. Nice flying Fish. Too bad, I dont have the hang of it like that yet.
  12. Yes, this is my main drawback. I have everything at default and it's overly sensitive. The rudder pedals are the main thing for me that needs time to balance correctly. I'm using the CH Rudder pedals. The WARTHOG HOTAS is fine at default.
  13. You still have to fight the tail as it bounces up and down off the runway. If you keep the stick in neutral after about 70mph, then you will be fighting the bobbing until the tail finally settles clearly off the ground. By that time, it's time to pull up and take off. -M
  14. Agreed. It's very very challenging, but man, you are in a high adrenaline situation for sure! I love low level flying! I wish P51 has some low flying chases like that when fighting. That would be crazy! Also want to see some fancy flying in the cloud tops!
  15. I tried that a few times. The problem is that it takes awhile to raise them again when you need to gain speed! :joystick: Not enough time before plane stalls and you go boom!
  16. Need the stick in there. I love the immersion. Also need the pilot in his seat too. Even more immersion.
  17. :joystick: Really? I just spent almost my entire afternoon beating my joystick and questioning whether I should even go to flight school this fall or just give up my pipe dream of flying. The first thing that I hope they change in this mission is the starting mph. It's waaaayyy too high! They start you out above 300mph!!! And the first ring is just ahead. I tried pulling back on the throttle immediately but the plane is simply going too fast. I've found it extremely hard to manuever through this obsticle course due to the floating behavior of the plane when applying so much rudder and then changing direction real quickly! The plane start to slide all over the place. If you go too slow (below 150mph), then you are dead. Controlling the speed is ridiculously difficult. The only way I was able to get through this the 2 times out of over 30 is to simply overshoot some rings, exit the trenches, circle around, and reenter at a better angle. Unfortunately, I had to do it so many times that it made the mission almost boring instead of exhilarating. God, I guess I really can't fly very well... :mad:
  18. Wildfire, I just went by your tutorial today and everything you say is correct. This plane goes nuts when that tail comes up. I think each time it bounces off the ground until it's no longer on the ground is where the yaw gets way too squirrly. I tend to try and takeoff at around 35Psi. It's pretty slow but gives me a way to control the craft better down the runway. I still can't keep it centered down the runway but I will keep practicing. -M
  19. It's just too much rudder dancing for me. I'd rather just take off right away by continuing to pull the stick back until it takes off and then I just slowly release the stick as to not avoid too much pitch.
  20. I don't get this. I've tried several times during takeoff and it seems to come up at 100mph. Also, at that point, it's useless to continue rolling down the runway as I am surely going to crash with all the gyrating going on. I keep the nose up and just takeoff at 100mph. UPDATE: I agree 100% with the previous poster. There is definitely something wrong with the model on the ground. I can't seem to keep the plane straight no matter what I try unless I keep it tail heavy at which point, when the speed is correct, the plane will just lift off the ground WITHOUT rolling on just the 2 front wheels.
  21. I wish I could demonstrate it but I agree with the previous posters. It's near impossible to keep the plane straight down the runway once the tailwheel comes off the ground. Furthermore, the speed at which the tailwheel comes off the ground is way faster than 40-50mph. Almost like 100mph and at that point, you might as well just lift the plane off the ground instead of fighting that zigg-zagg behavior.
  22. I think most WARTHOG users are configuring their own settings. I have done so. I've assigned a lot of my switches to at least get an engine start without having to use the in cockpit switches. I've also got microphone, trim, throttle, rpm, landing gear and other buttons assigned as well. Thanks for the help though! -M
  23. I disagree that you don't need an atmosphere with wind resistance and gravity. I would urge you to prove it by recording yourself in any of the games I mentioned and posting it on youtube. ;)
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