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  1. I also only use 65%GPU during Dcs 1.5 VR in MP. I really wonder if upgrading to ivy bridge and therfore utilizing pci-e 3.0 instead of 2.0 would make a difference.
  2. No need to be sorry, OR CV1 here. ;o) But DCS 1.5 gives me 17-30 FPS in Multiplayer and 30-45 FPS in singleplayer. I need to check for GPU Utilization. I did not try DCS 2 in MP as of yet, but I would expect higher FPS. Any chance the GTX 1080 pays off in DCS 2.0 in regards to OR CV1 performance. Whar do you think?
  3. How find out wether my 970 is maxxed out die n VR? I have Zotac Firestorm as oc tool. And really no difference? Sounds like there is things money can't buy. FPS in DCS, to name one.
  4. I like that prototyping approach. And what a funky design, that is.
  5. In OH under "BETA" click "reboot Oculus Rift". Thats how I get rid of that jitter. Does that work for you as a temporary workaround?
  6. Hi! I jumped on the VR wagon and got myself a rift. Amazing! Tried mainly with DCS 1,5. Having a Hotas, MFCDs in reach I can easily interact with the sim. However, switching frequencies for Community Coop Mission maybe a backstep, as I am used to controlling radios with the saitek radio panel which cannot be used without seeing them. How do do control your radios? Are you okay with using pointer and mouse for the radios? 2x Super Sampling makes a big difference in readability, but brings my fps down to 30+. w/o Super Sampling I had almost constant 45 fps. Going to think about GTX-1070/Gtx-1080. Handling Radios,90 FPS, and taking notes (i.e. coordinates) are my only issues ATM. Spotting "mud launches" is really awesome.
  7. Hi Andrey: I am getting a Warning on DCS startup: "Warning SimShaker couldn't find a file at c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\DCS World. Some effects may not work etc. blah" I am not using DCS via Steam and this is not the path were SimShaker should look for the DCS installation. Any idea how to fix this? Maybe some code change, or some obsolete registry key to be deleted on my end.
  8. How to export the A-10c gauges and Mfcds to another screen with DCS 1.5 (release). I have used a Jsgme package with 1.26 for this purpose. Any advice?
  9. Front-facing cam? Maybe great for DCS. So, you will be able to glance at keybards and cockpit switches. Wow, can't wait for first usability reports in regards to DCS. :punk::crash:
  10. With uMFCD DCS is getting detected. However, DCS crashes some seconds after starting the game. Diagnostics say:
  11. I am getting no displays. uMFCD does not "see" DCS.
  12. 1.) Exactly! But it does not any longer. I moved the complete folder and recreated the Desktop link. Now it is okay. You may "low prio" this issue. 2.) I am testing 1.5 primariliy but also tried with 2.0 once. Same issue: "Waiting for DCS".
  13. Nope: When I open via Desktop Link, I get that: (see below) Direct call works fine. However, the programme does not connect to DCS when I am jumping into a A-10C quick Mission. "Waiting for DCS" it says.
  14. I already did that. It installed fine. Starting via Desktop Link was the issue. Direct call via double click works. However it conntinues to say "Waiting for DCS" when I am starting a Quick mission. No effect.
  15. Getting: System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException: "method not implementred" .....:(
  16. Whaa?! I must have missed that thread. :doh: That is what I was looking for quite some time. I need to giv that method a try. Could I use that method for three keyboards as well?
  17. At the helipad with garnison size infantry, just continue on present heading. No need to land there. You have not reached your turning point/landing point by that time. The comments about garnison, is just for you to remember that land mark, later on during the campaign.That helipad is en route.
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