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  1. I don't have time to check in-game, but are the new rooms available in the SC from this patch?
  2. This topic is being discussed ad nauseam at the link below. Also, the search tool is very helpful.
  3. I've started using the R-Shift + R-Ctrl + NumPad-8 keys to adjust the head position camera up until the circles move close to the center of the BRU. Then, I adjust my head to get the circles dead-center. I believe this was the technique others were suggesting earlier in the thread, but I was resetting my view after boresighting which I should not have done. I am getting really good results using this approach.
  4. Thank you @Rudel_chw for that suggestion. I'll give that a try.
  5. Hi All, I'm just now getting into making FARPs thanks to the Apache. I have a FARP with a lot of static objects on it, and I want to move them to another location of the map. Is it possible to move them all at once? I know you can create/load Static Templates, but they only place the objects in the same location on the map the template was create on. Also, you can only copy and paste a unit, and cannot select multiple static objects to copy. Is there no easy way to achieve this besides one at a time? Thanks in advance!!!
  6. After this latest patch, my fps has dropped to low 30s. Before this patch I was getting 42-45 consistently.
  7. The famous words of a client/customer. They think everything is copy & paste. Sorry, the developer in me got triggered with comments like this.
  8. So do you have to use that same body/head adjustment when shooting the gun to get the shots accurate? I don't see the point of adjusting all of that to boresight, set back to your normal seating position, and expect to your shots to be accurate. And when I say "accurate", I don't mean surgical accuracy. That's not what the BRU is for.
  9. I was trying to do the TSD Nav training mission that's on the Caucasus map, and it referenced a kneeboard page with points to enter that I could not find. Can someone provide the page please? Am I the only person experiencing this issue? Thank in advance!!!
  10. What mission is that? You mind sharing, please?
  11. I definitely do not have this problem in VR. In fact, the pilot's canopy glass is too transparent. I really can't tell the difference when the door is opened and closed. I think I'm using 1.9 gamma.
  12. I agree. The PNVS is very disorienting at night in VR. I hope flying more will help me get used to it. Regardless, it was still enjoyable. I landed with the PNVS because I forgot we have NVGs. It was a brutal landing but I made it.
  13. It would be nice to be able drag it around like the FLOLS overlay.
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