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  1. Not sure if this should be in the VKB section but in any case VKB do a UCM Stronghold which can hold the Warthog throttle. Alternatively there's desktop mounts by Monstertech or Foxx (if you're in the US). All of those can get mounting plates which fit the Warthog throttle. Personally I use the VKB mounts as I have their Gunfighter stick and plan to get their TECS throttle once it's out so makes sense for me to go that way. If you have other stick / throttle and plan to stay that way then any of them should work fine.
  2. That's some very early renders. Apparently it's undergone changes since but nobody has seen any design pictures as VKB keeps its cards pretty close to its chest until release time. Hopefully we'll get some more info in the near future as previously the Lunar New Year (mid-Feb) was floated by VKB as a release date.
  3. They had previously indicated maybe around the Chinese New Year in 2021. We'll just have to wait and see what transpires.
  4. I got VKB's own UCM Stronghold mount. I got 2 of them - one long one for the Gunfighter + 200mm extension and one short one for the throttle. I currently have the X-55 throttle and it just sits on top as there's no way to secure it right now without jury rigging something but it's steady enough for me. I plan to replace it with the VKB TECS throttle once that's available so I can live with the way it is for a few more months.
  5. Got my UCM Stronghold yesterday - got the long version for my Gunfighter with the 200mm extension and short version for throttle. First impression are they seem like a really well put together and solid piece of kit to me with some nice options for flexibility. Putting the first one together was a bit of a pain as I'm not real handy. It's a bit fiddly as you have to first disassemble what's in the package as they need to box it all up that way and then put it together the way it's supposed to be. The YouTube videos are good to follow though and once you get the idea the second one was a lot easier to assemble. I need to use my desk for work as well and it's definitely easy to take them on and off - just takes about 15 seconds to attach one to the desk and they're rock solid while mounted. It's nice to have a slot to stick the black box into and keep it out of the way too. I'm using an X-55 throttle which I can't actually properly mount to the UCM short. I was originally thinking to try and jury rig something but it seems to sit there well enough and doesn't really move around when I'm using it so think I'll just leave it as is and wait for VKB's TECS to come out. Never had any desk mounts before so can't compare them to others like Monstertech, etc. but overall I'm definitely happy with the purchase.
  6. Polychop said clearly they have received a licence. ED have given them a forum page and Wags has specifically mentioned that the Kiowa is being worked on. I doubt ED would've gone that far if Polychop didn't really have the required licencing.
  7. The F-5E has the below system: "The F-5Е is armed with two 20-mm М39-А3 cannons with 280 rounds per each cannon. The cannons are located in the nose section, forward of the cockpit. Special deflectors are used to avoid compressor stall conditions caused by hot gas ingestion as a bi-product of operating the M-39-A3. Each cannon is capable of firing at a rate of 1500 to 1700 rounds per minute."
  8. I'm good with the roadmap as presented. Personally I hadn't expected the Hornet to get properly feature complete until around 2022 when I bought it originally so there's no major disappointment for me. Other people's mileage might vary given previous comments from ED though. Always better to have this sort of transparency across the board for all products where possible. It's understandable that things can change along the way but once everybody's clear on what's going on it removes a lot of the conjecture/nonsense that otherwise goes on and just causes issues. I think it'd be a good idea to produce a similar roadmap estimate for the F-16 now so people are clearer around the timelines there too.
  9. Another +1 for Crosswinds. Got them a few months ago as an upgrade to Saitek combat rudder pedals. Huge upgrade as it turned out. The only thing I would recommend is if you're not securing them to something with screws get some velcro strips so they stick to the floor as it's way too easy for them to slide around otherwise.
  10. Likewise here. My X-55 is on it's last legs but hopefully it'll hang on for this throttle. I nearly went for the virpil throttle last week but would much prefer to get this one with the stronghold mounts so have the full VKB setup for stick and throttle.
  11. You don't have hours. It's literally < 5 mins based on my experience today at a few mins before 6am GMT.i saw it change from out of stock to available to purchase, added it and added the desk mount and went to checkout and the throttle had gone to out of stock already.
  12. The way it seems to work even if you see it available is you add it to your cart, go to the checkout and see if you've won the virpil lottery as it'll probably be marked as out of stock already and you can't buy it. Then wait for the next restock and play again.
  13. Has there been any reviews of the CM2 throttle? On YouTube just saw a brief one by Noobifier. Does anybody have any thoughts they can share? My X-55 throttle is on it's last legs and doesn't seem to be much else out there.
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