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  1. Can anyone throw some light on what is going on here please. Had this app for quite some time working perfectly on two tablets. About 6 months ago it stopped displaying info from the game. eg: F16 DED data F18 UFC numbers. The external tablets communicate to DCS and have an effect in game. BUT DCS does not communicate with the tablets. Pitor has had a look at this for me with no success he is a great developer and very approachable. Any ideas what has gone wrong or what I should check? Thanks Anybody else has this issue?
  2. Do you have to have DCS Bios running for this to work?
  3. I had a problem once where the LEDs in the bit that sits on your monitor burnt out...had to buy a complete new one. Natural Point were not interested in just selling me that part.
  4. I also have 3 monitors and use NVidia surround to merge them into one screen. Is that what you use? It may be an aspect ratio issue, as I have not noticed this effect. Next time I boot it up I will look at what my aspect ratio is.
  5. ...and to be fair not mentioned in the patch notes..... ..but have you seen anything? Mr. Big. "Biggs"?
  6. Has any pilot noticed any additions? The patch notes did not include anything about the map. If this is so then I am disappointed that a whole month goes by and an early access map does not seem to have progressed.
  7. Really struggling to get this to work on my PC. Watched the videos a few time reduced my Export.lua to only the code for this plug in with no joy. DCS Comms won't connect Please tell me; Do I need to put the IP of my PC in somewhere? Do I need to open ports in my router? Or any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong..thanks in advance.
  8. These are study simulations. So can I suggest you look at Chuck's Guide for the Av8b and the manual for the aircraft.
  9. This is quite a problem. When you have multiple modules and been flying for many years you invest hours and hours on your key bindings. Any significant hardware change or full re install of windows assigns different id numbers to each usb plug in. I am holding off a re-install of Windows 10 because of this issue. It would be interested to know if there is any easy solution to it. As I see it Oiten is right. But for me to do this, I have rudders, two leo bodnar boards, 2 Cougar MFDs, throttle and joystick. 7 unique USB number to copy down before I reinstall and then on the re build edit the USB ID numbers. Anybody know a better way?
  10. I take my hat off to AvioDev for their continued development of this module. Thanks guys happy coding.
  11. Sorry guys I am with Chuck here. What exactly do you do to make 1 monitor option work? For the record I have 3 27 inch monitors and use Nvidia surround to make them 5760*1080. If there is a better way then please could you spell it out. Thanks
  12. Agreed, fair point well made sir.
  13. Thanks for setting up this thread and thanks for the fix and yes it works on my 3 screen set up in 2.5.6. When I say it works I means the TEST lua file in this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=143536&page=2 by PIEDROIT. Any more tips for us 3 screen users?
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