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  1. Perhaps it will sound weird, but I changed from both eyes to right eye only recently. Right eye only appear to be smaller symbology than both eyes, and for sure it will cover the same space.
  2. I suppose that this reflections are correct, and have relation with the glass angle, but I agree that sometimes, specially in sunset hours is a bit overdone, to my taste. Sometimes I have to sneak through the front CP/G window to see things more clearly. I fly VR too, perhaps this effect is more exaggerated than 2D.
  3. Missing Hind trim in other helos, I tried this trick in the Huey, but was so abrupt. But for sure I’ll try in the Apache. Thanks, firefox!
  4. Nice, I forgot the export feature for controllers, I’ll try that or perhaps changing the ID. Thanks!
  5. Hi all. I'm thinking of replacing my old Warthog (joystick only, I use X56 throttle), but reassign all the bindings is going to be a pia (lots of modules, and I have a modifier in the stick, so need to rebind the throttle, TM MFDs and other button boxes that use modifier key). Being the same hardware, Windows will see the new joystick as the old one? Even the new magnetic base? My plan is to buy A-10C joystick again, or perhaps only the magnetic base. By the way, I dont use TARGET software. Thanks in advance!
  6. Another thing, if the simulation time is accelerated, PNVS is very smooth. Strange.
  7. nachomaga

    AH-64D VR

    I use both eyes for HIDASS and for boresight in cold start I focus to bullseye circles. While I'm not focus to infinity, I see two HIAADS cross and I put the bullese circles in between the two. Works fine for me.
  8. I uploaded a track last week or so, but watching replay in VR, HIDASS is not following the head movement. Perhaps a video is more clear. Sorry for vertical orientation and shaking, is not easy to record and hold the G2 headset, hehehe I activated PNVS in 0:30 or so, and TADS in 0:58. As you can see, all outside PNVS frame is smooth (even in background, if you can see it). But again, is less obvious in a video than when you are looking through VR headset. Hope it helps developers.
  9. Until we get the Swift answer, here is mine I get no stuttering at all looking around when PVNS is off in daylight (in VR). Even when is on, all around PNVS “frame” is veeeery smooth. As me and other users said, is strange that’s TADS is smoother and less stuttery than PNVS, even with the slowest movement rate.
  10. nachomaga


    About wingman, if you are not using easy comms, perhaps you need to dial a freq to talk to him. For example in quick mission Tiblisi Guard the wingman freq is 127.5. It seems this freq is not show in the briefing. For other missions try this freq or check in Mission editor. Hope it helps.
  11. Steve, perhaps I’m missing something, but to change symbology to Hover mode you need to push down TWICE. Works fine for me. Or perhaps is what arneh said, center press down does not change symbology.
  12. nachomaga


    If I remember correctly you need to set textures on Low in general settings. And only works with Apache “Default” skin. Anyway, I didn’t saw a big difference in my system (12700k/3090).
  13. Sorry if this question is covered before. When I´m out of VR for short time (maybe 5 minutes or so), and I put again the headset, my G2 screen is black. I suppose is some kind of sleep time or something like that. I check in WMR settings and sleep time (or suspension) is set to "Never". Any other settings that I missed? Thanks in advance! By the way, very nice updgrade, I get 5 or 6 more fps in my 12700k/3090 rig, but in VR every frame counts, hehe...
  14. It’s never been explained so well, thanks Hope ED find the problem, I’m loving the Apache, amazing module, but I’m not flying so much in the night because of PNVS problem. I use TADS instead (bit more smooth) but of course CPG needs more than me, lol.
  15. Usually happens to me first time in a flight, but I center VR and I can switch between necksafer view and forward view without recentering again.
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