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  1. You want me to pull out 18 month old emails? I can do, but what will it achieve? Not a lot - and tbh I gave up caring a long time ago - I was just on the forum as someone pointed it out to me :) Have fun and be safe in the lockdown everyone.
  2. It is if you read the VEAO statement carefully. The new contract was the tipping point that made the decision to walk away, the contract wasn't a result of VEAO walking away.
  3. Just to straighten the rope a bit - it was the other way around ED presented a new contract with this as one (but not the only new clause) and the team walked away, the clause did not come in after this. Pman
  4. Sorry that is not going to happen. I have deleted most of the source material on so much that it no longer exists and what does is being used on other projects and is no longer in any way compatible with DCS. Everyone from VEAO has moved onto other projects now I am afraid. Pman
  5. Congrats Bud! Well done indeed
  6. Pman


    Hi, we aren’t planning any incremental updates at this point other than bug fixes as / when they are done. All the major update work will come as part of the rework. Pman
  7. This peticular aspect is something I’ve been looking at in the revamp - in early testing it is performing as you describe after some feedback from a couple of our pilots :) Pman
  8. Re-version your mission. If it is one of the stock missions they haven't been updated since the payload outs were fixed, That will come in a future update. Pman
  9. Its an old mission, We will reversion it at some point If you make a new mission or play one that has been made since the core issue was fixed you won't see this. Pman
  10. To use an old adage - It will be done when its done - I said we will look at it again later on but there is no eta on any additional functionality of those controls. I've never said its done and will be in the next patch so yes it has never been included in patch notes. Pman
  11. Functionality of the gunsight will be re-examined during the asm rework - it was never included in the patch notes for this release because we haven't released any work on it yet. Pman
  12. Actually I do write code. I also run all our DCS product development, both consumer and non consumer for VEAO. Multicrew is not in the works and is not planned, there was a temp fix posted by some old members of the team to try and do a work around but it was flawed and had to be pulled from the multiplayer environment. There are no plans to bring back multi crew to Hawk Pman
  13. I think you under estimate the sheer force required to run these systems. In the Hawk for example even with the engine running it wont charge the hydro system at less than 60% of RPM. Anything below that and the system will discharge with use even with the engine running Windmilling after an engine failure (assuming the engine could windmill after the failure)I strongly doubt wouldn't produce enough Pman
  14. There has been alot of work going on in the background for Hawk for some time - we are now starting to get the benefit on all that work :) Futures bright :) Pman
  15. That would be quite an achievement considering that DCS didnt support PBR 4 years ago :) We are confident that everyone will enjoy the update when it is complete Pman
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