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  1. Hiya all. Well a little about myself first. My name is Chris and im 37yrs old and from the uk. I am looking to join a friendly squad who doesnt mind helping out a total newbie. I currently run DCS FC3 and DCS A10 Warthog. I am using a X45 Hotas and own a mic and headset. I do fly RC aircraft as a hobby but not sure if that helps?? Cheers Chris
  2. Thanks a lot for that Falcon. Seems i got a bigger problem first though. None of the DCS sims reconise all of he buttons on my x45?? For example it only reconises one of the POV switches?? Any ideas?? Cheers Chris. PS Do you know of any good squadrans that are willing to take a total newbie under there wings??? lolol
  3. can anyone tell me why FC3 Wont reconise all my x45 buttons?
  4. Hiya all.. I have just purchased FC3 and was wondering if anyone has a profile for the X45?? Cheers Chris
  5. hiya all..i have got lockon gold with flaming cliffs 1 but i can get it to work with win 7 64bit...i think its the starforce thats causing a problem..is there a step by step guide anywhere because i want to buy the latest FC but i need lock on to run 1st dont i?? many thanks chris
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