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  1. Its not true... I flew almost all time in a 109k4 In the SOW server and there the 109 didn´t have mw50 and it was not a problem to 109 pilots... A channel map server big problem is the poor frame rate ...this map need some optimizations to perform better!
  2. Waves... https://www.instagram.com/reel/CcYFBncJPXX/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  3. Sometimes i open the radiator like a air brake to reduce the dive speed and use a trim to help to noseup.
  4. Looks more a A7 vought corsair II or a F8 crusader for me.
  5. Sorry ED staff.....but it is looking like a not respectful behave with the ww2 client base as is now. A roadmap....Is it expect too much?
  6. Nice server but... I had problem of performance when i tryed few days ago. My fps downs to 1 digit...Looks like it happen when start to have too many AI activity like a lot AAA firing (naval or ground units). I ever use VR and its hard to fly in poor performance. When i flew there i got about 30Gb of memory used (of 32GB) and 50% of my GPU (GTX1080). Looks like a simulation time problem by a lack of a multicore code, i hope that vulcan come soon as a solution, because i have a 4GHz I7 7800x and its not good to have a 25% of CPU in use and got a bad FPS by a GPU wating some calculation from CPU. Anyway... Thanks to make this nice server happen!
  7. Will be nice to have a full module, but i still not understand why ED is developing first as a full module (mossie, C47 or anything else)....if IA one can be fast introduced in DCS World and after that could be completed to full module. I think that is not only a of parachutes animations that is need to built. ED will need to built a proper dynamics to parachutes that is lacking now as you can see in SU25 or SU27 today. Another lacking dynamics that still necessary to built is water interation with boats, ships and airplanes... But its needs another tread!
  8. Thanks @xvii-Dietrichand @philstyle for the reply. I didn´t read the reports in Storm of War. I will be more carefull to find it and read it in future. Thanks for all explanation. See you in SOW skies.
  9. Microprose was the better developer and the 1942 Pacific Air War Gold was my favorite one. Chuck Yeagers was only one of many air combat simulators that i had in ´80s and ´90s.
  10. @philstyle, thanks for make a place (SOW) that a WW2 comunity can enjoy together. Don´t let me wrong... I had hours of fun in Normandy map, but some times i think that Normandy map do a limited time frame and place for a diferent missions types. Are you never think about change the server map to the The Channel map? In Normandy map every body are too close (allies and axis airbases). Its almost impossible to axis planes to operate near the coast line by Navy fire and almost every body goes to fly too low near Caen in a furball. The pros could be that Normandy have a better FPS than a The Channel. I don´t know if when The Channel map come to finish state this month something will change. I think that in the Channel map we could have some pre invasions mission with axis force atacking England targets/convoys or could allies atacking occupied France targets in the cross channels operations. Also we can have some pos invasion missions types with ground combat and operations in france like we have now in normandy, but with a possibilte of allies and axis airbases not operate too close. Allies in this case can operating in france and in cross channel bases from England, but with a better front line.( Allies at West and axis East in France) I don´t know if it is historical correct, and if they had air bases, axis and allies, operating in this part of France from august to setember of 1944. It´s only a question/suggestion. And thank you again for the nice server.
  11. Look like will be the Dakota C47, she talks about transport and parachutes.
  12. Hi Petro! Welcome, We that played the old simulators like Chuck Yeager´s air combat, Aces of europe (sierra) or microprose 1942 pacif air war (I still have the box) have here a very nice place to fly. the VR headset changes all thing... turn this simulator in another world! With a high level of immersion... I have one and hard recommend! If you try a VR you will never fly again without one... And if you can, a ruder pedal is nice too.
  13. You are right... You are confused. DCS is a digital COMBAT simulator. Sorry by the joke. I think this is not about a favorite aircraft. Its more about AI planes and some another things that still missing and without information for long time. By the way, Its very nice to have the Mossie as module.
  14. I know about it and i´m very gratefull to ED for that. When i participated in kickstart WW2 project and after the developer get out, i´m not afraid to lost the money....I´m afraid to lost a passion/hobby. In that time... The old il2 dev.( Oleg Maddox) did close the doors one year before trying to do the new il2 Storm of War (i paid for it in pre-order). Sadly that sim bird dead (without future development). When WW2 project start the crownfound campain it was a hope for WW2 warbirds lovers and when it gone be wrong and ED got to finished what they didn´t start... And without any obligation to do that... It was fantastic! Because it was a better chance to have a great WW2 Sim and future for my hobby. In that time as now, i don´t have problem if ED did can not give me for free anything as a kickstart backers. I would buy all modules and would be happy to have a great Sim developer building a WW2 combat simulator. Why i saying this? You are right about that will be worth the wait...The problem is how many time. If anyone in comunity knows what is in development and what is in wait, it's looking like nothing is in working! I know that is not true... but for someone that bought a WW2 module in early access and still wainting for a simple bug fix for years is difuculty to understand. When to JU88 drop a bomb demand a lot of time...start to be litle frustating for the comunity. I supose that should be fixed by a good comunication... I know that talk too early about something can be a problem here, but don´t talk anything can be also a problem. Again... i love this sim!
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