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  1. „F-4 Phantom“ by Tim McLelland is my favourite book about the history of the phantom. Lot‘s of awesome pictures, stories and profiles.
  2. The mod looks awesome. But where is the crew? An empty helicopter flying around kills immersion for me.
  3. A big thank you to the creators of this awesome mod! Well done. Taking the starfighter for a ride over sunny Nevada or rainy Caucasus is pure fun. Looking for upgrades to come. That howling noise of the J-79 accellerating to full power at the start would be cool. Hope that some talented artists will contribute improved cockpit textures and skins. The German Luftwaffe and Marine skins are beautiful. Some USAF skins would be great.
  4. Das ist doch mal wieder eine Geschmackssache. Warten wir es doch mal ab. Mir persönlich ist ein F-104-selfmade-Mod mit einfachem, nicht klickbaren Cockpit lieber als die Hilfslösung mit Cockpits aus FC 3. Vielleicht entwickelt sich das Mod ja weiter. Was so alles möglich ist zeigt z.B. die A-4. Der Starfighter ist mal endlich ein passender Gegner für die Mig-19 und Mig-21 und sieht einfach messerscharf aus!
  5. I am quite excited about the new F-104 mod. The exterior model looks awesome. It is an all time favorite of mine. Cannot wait. When will it be ready?
  6. What a fantastic mod! The team did magic.
  7. All those fantastic skins beg for an official F-104 module. What a fantastic jet! Let us dream, maybe one day ...
  8. I run the latest dcs open beta version. Now the runway markings have strange red colors. Any idea how to fix it? Could it be an interference with mods? It is only a problem with the Caucasus map. All other maps work fine.
  9. I just updated to 2.5.6 The nose gear bug is still present. Starting from a runway it is 90 degrees turned and not straight aligned. :( I thought this would have been an easy one to fix.
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