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  1. 1. Dynamic Campaign. 2. Engine update (better performance)
  2. What do you expect from a very small team? This module will be more like a mod after few more years, because they cannot keep up with bigger and more competent teams like Razbam, Heatblur or Deeka. The sad thing is that we need to get rid of them by not buying their modules. Thanks to that they will not be able to claim to develop popular planes and leave them in the stagnation for years. Sorry but they need to go VEAO way... Would you like to have P-40 build by VEAO with broken flight model and bugs not fixed in years? Im a customer I paid full price for the product yet the product feels unfinished. I will never again buy anything from any 3rd party developer. Its just not worth it, better to wait for ED to develop it.
  3. WW2 planes are easy enough to learn that there is no point for simplified version? Why? because its much easier to just flip the switch with mouse rather to remember where i blinded that switch to the keyboard. If you want simplicity then you have il-2 or WT, what's the point of having two the same simplified simulators i don't get it, i see no point in that.
  4. Last time at the end of the video we've had Apache teaser, this time i hope we gonna get Raptor.
  5. Wing start to bend and break off before rounds start hitting the plane at 1:00 huge ammo explosion on left wing. 0:38 you can think that the whole wing came loose but in reality the smoke just covers it. 0:42 Liberator is taking direct hit from flack gun. I think we've been playing to much that other ww2 sim where wings break off very easily. I remember playing the one with 1946 in the title years ago and even then i've been doubtful about B-17 wings breaking off so easily from mk108, where there is no evidence of something like that, and more there is one video where bf-110 shoots and shoots B-17 even direct hit to the engine and it still flies like nothing even no fire in the fuel tanks, here it is. Here is betted HD version of it
  6. To get the real truth we should ask German ace pilots like Erich Hartmann, he would tell you how many shutdowns been to wing disintegration. To shoot down il-2 he told that you need to pierce its oil cooler. About wings breaking there is more than one guncam video of Fw-190 wing explosion probably because of ammo so that would means it can be quite common. I also saw gun cam from pacific when one of the Japanese fighters lost a wing from 050cal but that could be also ammo explosion. What im certain that direct hit from german flack to the wing of B-17, B-25, B-24 was fatal and causes wing breaking off and huge fireball, there is plenty of videos and photos. I think DCS damage model is perfect now, the problem is that in real life pilots were ejecting more quickly with less damage to the plane.
  7. Type this in google "a 10-Player WWII B-17 Simulator" and you even have screenshots of the cockpit. I've been playing old version of this sim made in 2000 you can try it too.
  8. Yup but we shouldn't compare ED with 3rd party who is doing this as a part job or hobby after hours or even on the weekends only. Anyway there is another sim company who is making B-17 and B-24.
  9. Like in the tittle tracers smoke looks "nicht gut" especially from mk108
  10. New water and ground impact effects looks really good compared to real life
  11. 2:00 Wingtip kill with silent running that's some skill right there!
  12. there is official info that it is not going to happen. But low res textures even without buildings and some simple forests is fine with me, as long as we have airfields around the world.
  13. How is it going to work, because Syria map alone takes 60GB of space, so roughly Europe alone would take like 1200GB and that's being very optimistic, so it would take around 200 000GB to make the whole world with the same level of detail and for that we need 200x 1TB of m2 ssd drives which can cost around 2000euro.
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