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  1. @Cobra847 , How does this affect your plans shown in the road map? Have you had to rearrange and reschedule things as part of this partnership? In any case I am looking forward to the future of what is to come. The tomcat is amazing, and I can't wait to see and experience what's next!
  2. Wow, I'm surprised there aren't more supports, I will attempt to show the stick and see if it helps, glad someone figured it out.
  3. Thanks for the link, I did some searching, but I was searching for bugs.... knowledge is power.
  4. Good evening, Is anyone else having problems with the gun not firing while diving in towards a target? When I pull up and egress, the gun is able to fire, but it wouldn't during the dive. It is the oddest thing, I can fire it straight and level and in a climb, but randomly during an attack and dive down, I cannot fire the gun. Another in my group had the same thing happen. Also, as the gun fires in other flight regimes, I don't believe the problem to be switchology.
  5. I want to provide files, but I keep getting a CTD with no log entries, and no track files finish writing as it just dumps my client in a never ending freeze. I am also getting this intermittently entering Laser codes. (1637)
  6. file seems to have fixed it for me.
  7. Thanks, this is a show stopper as it's a hard server crash and the mission must be restarted (which is doomed to crash again) with enough folks gunning and HARMing SAMS this is almost guaranteed to crash at some point during a heavy sam/iads mission. OTHERWISE... This script is awesome, the SAMS are way better behaved and make better decisions to destroy us, which we love! thanks for the hard work on this script!!!:thumbup:
  8. CAn confirm TOO attack designation: Laser Range Designate from TPOD (using HTS) a target Press and hold WP increment for a few seconds Follow HUD guidance and release in parameters Find new target with TPOD Laser Range Attempt to send to JDAM with WP increment and fail Press and hold WP increment again move Tpod off and back onto target, observer diamond returns to target on ehsd Laser Range Press and hold WP increment again second bomb away You know what I am going to stop there because I just realized I'm never using the A/G undesignated feature and I believe I am supposed to. Back to testing for me.
  9. weapon.dll crash With Skynet running, there is a chance when a sam is destroyed, the mission/server will crash with a weapon.dll crash. Is anyone else getting this error condition?
  10. Just had this happen to me. Multiplayer sortie, flew up to angels 30 I told jester to switch to TWS I spotted an in-range target Fired Phoenix immediately after launch jester goes RWS I told him switch TWS, he says copy, many button pushes and...... back in rws repeat, repeat, repeat. got me. Please let me know if you need data (tracks or logs with this report)
  11. I am getting the bug in all maps; however, as stated above, with Radar in standby/silenced, the FPS stays great. If I go A/G with the radar on and try to use WMD7 FPS is low and choppy.
  12. Latest Beta on both clients and server. 2.0.0 Beta 3-2
  13. is the send BRAA to player option broken at the moment? Several of us tried to fiddle with the options, but none of our players got an update anywhere on the screen or chat from Lotatc about the BRAA information, We tried at the default of 10 seconds, but it's not functioning for us.
  14. Aye, I had a suspicion that it was related to super carrier. I just didn't expect changes to the way the current carrier works. I was hoping for the release soon, but now I am hoping time is taken to polish up a bit so that it works in both multi and single player. This has the potential to be the greatest naval aviation simulation out there by far. I am still cautiously optimistic. If I sound sour, it's due to 3 patches not getting that issue fixed that I found important. ( a selfish sentiment I realize)
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