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  1. All I can say is... TYPHOOOOOOOOON!!! WOOOOO!!! Iv'e been waiting for a Typhoon module since 2015. Judging from the trailer, you guys got some serious work done on the exterior model, it looks alot better than the initial pictures that came out awhile ago. That Striker HMD symbology is slick as well, very clean compared to the JHMCS, any chance you guys can show off the cockpit in video format anytime soon?
  2. I noticed that the ROKI F-14 skin reverts back to the high viz VF-103 skin once you zoom out far enough.
  3. This campaign is honestly the most fun iv'e had with any campaign, it still DCS, but it doesn't "feel" like DCS, I'm loving all the characters, but what really sells it, is the music. Inverted, please release the soundtrack I must have it.
  4. ED can just model a 2004 Langley F-15C, they were equipped with AN/APG-63 (V)1's, which were still a mechanical pulse doppler radar. It would come with Link-16, JHMCS, and AIM-9X's, the whole shabang. Question is, how classified is the F-15C from that time period, just because the AN/APG-63 (V)1 isn't an AESA radar, doesn't mean it isn't classified and how many bits and pieces can ED actually model in terms of the HUD modes, as well as the pages/subpages on the F-15C's MFD.
  5. Try using RWS to scan, and then hit Radar mode Auto so Jester doesn't go stupid and starts mashing buttons making you practically non-combat functional. Its only "workaround" I've personally found for this bug, that's been around for OVER 7 MONTHS. However, another issue arises when doing this, if your Phoenix misses or goes into the ground before the TTI countdown is finished sometimes you won't be able to tell jester+AWG-9 to do anything as he'll be stuck there for about a minute, but during this time you can use that as an opportunity to reset the fight or RTB.
  6. I'd personally like to go with a 2004 Langley F-15C, they had the non-AESA Radars while also having JHMCS, AIM-9X's, and D/L.
  7. Just make it full fidelity at that point. I'd love to see it become a full fidelity module.
  8. This bug has occured for me ever since TWS-A released.
  9. Good to know, hopefully HB can look into this and fix it
  10. Will there be an option to remove the yaw string in the settings?
  11. I can very much concur with this, the Jester fixes really need to be looked into, the F-14 module essentially REQUIRES a Human RIO now, but alot of us don't have Human RIO's, so we rely on Jester VERY heavily.
  12. I got a screenshot if it, looks pretty neat though, ngl.
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