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  1. Lo and behold.. here it is (RWS antenna elevation freeze): @BIGNEWY Track file included. I suspect the part where the radar loses lock & aquires it again, before losing it completely is somewhat related to the bug.. will try to replicate in different conditions, but as it is now.. you can reproduce it from the track file if you take controls just before that moment (as i did in the video). ANT break 1.trk
  2. Not misleading.. but an issue in and of itself entirely. RWS gets stuck completely sometimes - unable to move elevation until you cycle dogfight modes or to TWS and back.. but these issues might also be related. Either way, both need to be addressed. The RWS one at least has been with the viper for a long time.. i'm surprised any of these two issues are not even acknowledged as an issue so far.
  3. This happens almost on the daily and it is an old issue.. Just do a bit of bvr on a contested server.. bound to happen at some point. I will try to replicate it myself, as so far i've been just using the dogfight method to bypass it, but it is becoming annoying.
  4. Is the software able to load a flight plan from a file if a correct format is used? Something like, load game, load program, load pre-made file into the program and let it do its job? Would be pretty nifty if it did have the option to load pre-made flight plans.
  5. DJK

    I'm pickle Rick!!

    Missle Rick! There was a mod for dcs with this
  6. If you are using the Communication menu key, it will not work. You need to use intercom / radio buttons specifically.
  7. The Headtracker.dll file needs to be added to the bin folder. Just copy & paste it and you should be good. At least that works for me with FaceTrackNoIR.. but it is using FreeTrack 2.0 protocol so i'm guessing that should do it.
  8. It is probably MSI Afterburner.. default colors are pink EDIT: This is how MSI Afterburner on screen display looks like: https://forum.teksyndicate.com/uploads/default/16782/006677979da5f614.png
  9. Hello. Here is what i usually do: * point the targeting box * i use the hat switch on my joystick for scroll * can't remember right now, sry ^^ * usually yes.. the autopilot takes some workload off the pilot, so i use it And yes.. acquiring targets with the su25T can be a pain sometimes, specially if you're solo. Having a wingman helps a great deal, even though the best scenario would involve a "spotter" of some sorts, since you can't really use JTAC. Most multiplayer missions aren't helping either.. since they are designed in the most part.. for the A10 as CAS and with no proper briefing.
  10. I am assuming you're using the Su-25T? AFAIK the "TV" is used for guided weapons, in combination with the laser designator. The unguided bombs need to be released in CCIP (continuously computed impact point) or CCRP (continuously computed release point). Which weapons are you trying to employ exactly? Because every type has a different employment method. I'd suggest trying the unguided rockets to see if it actually works, because they're the simplest to use. Make sure you are in range or override the launch. It is also imperative that you go trough the manual of said aircraft for the correct procedures and parameters. Cheers, DJK
  11. I believe you must select the proper frequency on your r-800 radio and have the SPU-9 selector set to vhf2 in order to communicate with the ATC.. also after takeoff use the PTT button which is set to R Alt + \ as default. Not sure whats up with the wingmen though, since i don't usually play single player missions.
  12. I'm really hoping that once CA gets some more love from ED.. thats going to change. I personally played some well structured missions with human controlled ground units and proper aircraft groups and whatnot.. and it was a lot of fun, but then again, if you're not part of a squadron or have a group of friends to play with, thats not going to happen too often in public servers. And on top of that, you have the single player missions.. which i'm not going to expand on, because i personally don't do much of them..
  13. I guess that pretty much sums it up :smilewink:
  14. Don't get me wrong, i love flying the su25.. even if its "just" a FC3 aircraft with a.. crude navigation system its still fun to fly. But i don't think it will get a gps unit anytime soon.. even though i like the idea of having one as a module. But i think (personal opinion) the issue is not with the actual navigation of the su25.. its the lack of love the mission creators give to the su25. I rarely find missions, specially online ones, in which the su25 can do its work as it was meant to. That said, the player cooperation is a big factor as well.. going alone in a su25 isn't that fun or easy.. but having proper team mates to coordinate with sure does makes it more fun. So it works.. even without any "fancy" navigation system upgrades, but again, i fully support the idea of a gpu module or something similar if its to be done. Cheers, DJK
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