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  1. Hey guys, I have two F-16 style sticks that came off of previous warthog bases. If interested make an offer. US only shipping. Thanks!
  2. I am excited for the SEA radar mode! Nice update today for the Hornet!
  3. Hoping that ED adds the ability to switch to the different channels at some point. That would be an awesome feature! Steve
  4. A-10 UFC - usb. One button has a hole in it. Works perfectly.
  5. Hey guys, These are ideal for pit builders. I do not have the stands for them. They are in working condition and were mounted in my sim-pit. Make an offer. I would prefer to ship to the US only (shipping prices are through the roof!). Thank you, Steve
  6. Hi Everyone, I am selling my Thurstmaster Warthog Throttle and Stick. I upgraded the slew and the afterburner detent. Gently used. I would prefer to only to ship in the USA. Thank you, Steve
  7. This looks great! Thank you. Maybe, if the community supports this project financially, we can see an update with a bit more sea / land similar to what happened with the PG Map. Thanks again!
  8. +1 this happened to me also. I called the ball while watching from the LSO station. Steve
  9. This has to be a priority. The radio comms are so jumbled. Please add this ED! Thanks, Steve
  10. ED Congrats on the SC Release. I think it is wonderful and adds to the immersion of flying Naval aircraft. Please keep up the honest communication and hard work. Your efforts are recognized. Steve
  11. They will be Rikus. They are planning to add them in early access. Steve
  12. Thanks for the updates and content the last couple of days guys. It really does not take much. There really is no rush if you keep the community updated. Thanks Steve
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