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  1. CVW-17 And 21st Joker Are actively recruiting we are laid-back mature bunch of guys who enjoy combat in the PVP environment learning and perfecting the perfect combat technique Our basic requirements to join: Language: must be proficient in the English language Software: You must be willing to use the DCS install that meets the CVW-17 And 21st Joker , including our mandatory mods., we are on the Open Beta standalone (not Steam) version discord:https://discord.gg/mKPhTMZa7e website:https://21sqn.boards.net/
  2. hello just to confirm with you it is on Sunday the 17th
  3. My question is what server will we all be flying on
  4. Dcs has lost one of it's best. Rip Gospadin!
  5. good documentaries on the Harrier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzFr_w1aKqw it should put you guys at ease
  6. I haven't received mine but i am ok with waiting
  7. will if it is are sever will be up but one can only hope
  8. DCS flight School we do use the l39 with shared cockpit we do fly 1 on 1 with everyone our flight school is sperate from our SQN
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