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  1. Can't you identify the target with your targeting pod?
  2. I saw a texture called Cadaver.bmp(lol) in that folder, maybe related? DCSWorld\Bazar\TempTextures\Cadaver.bmp
  3. Don't know if this is it or the whole thing but here you go fwiw
  4. Greetings gentlemen. This is semi-offtopic, but I didn't want to make a whole thread just for this question. I read that the F18 would be moving to release after this big update and more manpower would then shift to the F16. Has anyone heard anything on that front? I see the F18 is still listed as early access on the website on-topic: This is a very difficult question and it looks like you got some great input already. It depends entirely on your play style and what missions you want to achieve. I went with the viper for what it should theoretically be once complete. Essentially, from the viewpoint of capability, the only reason you would take the F18 over the F16 is if you want to do carrier ops. There are a lot of scenarios you could compare the two jets in. If you remove carrier ops from the equation both jets from what I have read come out in the end about even. With each jet having some strong and weak points. I suspect when the F16 is finished and ready for release the community will be placing it considerably above the F18 over all. I don't own the F18, so here are some key points on why i went with the Viper: Bubble canopy bubble canopy bubble canopy. this can't be overstated. The F16 has an absolutely amazing view out the cockpit HARM capability functional and easy to use. Great payload capacity and array of items with more on the way Great A2G capability once it is complete Helmet Mounted Cueing System extremely fast and reasonably agile, the flight model will be improving in the future The biggest downside I have seen so far is that if you don't keep your throttle out of afterburner you will constantly be running out of fuel. It helps to keep volume up and don't simulate the helmet sounds. Eventually you can tell by sound alone where your throttle should be. Beyond that get used to looking at the RPM gauge when you are free from threats and keep it at or just below 100%
  5. I bought into the F-16 this latest sale(even though it didn't go on sale ). I spent months waiting for the sale investigating what fighter would suit me the best. I browsed every respective fighter's forum area, reddit, youtube videos etc.. In the end I decided on the Viper for what it would be when done and didn't focus on what it is now at all. Anyone who buys into the Viper right now should be aware of what they are getting into. No matter what website or platform you investigate you will come out with the information the Viper isn't done. You will understand that the general consensus is at least a year and likely years before it reaches a release candidate. You will also have been offered multiple examples of alternative fighters that are much closer to completion or complete that would better suit your needs if EA isn't your thing. Now, if you didn't do any research and blindly jumped into an EA fighter? What else is their to say? That's like having a thing for MMOs, seeing a new MMO on sale in the steam store and just slapping that buy button without looking under the hood to see what stage of development it is in or how good the game is. All that being said, I am definitely amateur. Previously I have limited experience in the su-25, Gazelle, ka-50, and A-10. I was quite pleased stepping into the F-16. I'm guessing I have 40 hours or so in it. This was enough to setup a completely custom key mapping, learn the startup procedure and nearly all of the available functions of aircraft. I only play PvP servers and I was relatively easily able mold my own personal strategy in the current iteration of the viper to be very competitive on one of the most popular PvP servers. I suggest to stop trying to play the Viper for what it currently is not and start exploiting it's strengths in it's current form. It is a very competitive fighter in it's current form if you do this. More realistic stuff will come in stages and I reckon it will be fairly easy to adjust your playstyle to accommodate more realistic attributes of the air frame as they become available in stages. Not really aiming this at anyone in particular, just describing my experience and how I deal with the Viper not being complete. Mostly posting this for potential new Viper owners. This is an incredibly complex aircraft in an incredibly complex game that will take time to complete.
  6. I don't think boresighting the Mavericks is a huge deal in and of itself. However, the F-16 is already in pretty rough shape in the air to ground front. Adding having to boresight the mavericks to everything else makes there ordeal kind of meh. I just use the 16 for air to air for now until air to ground becomes a little more complete. No big deal.
  7. I'm playing on a 40" screen at 2k from 3' away and I have the same issue. Need to zoom in to see anything but the contact icons. I also have the same issue with RWR being cut off at the top. I suppose a work around would be to zero in TrackIR with your head closer to the screen than normal and then relax back to normal posture. The only issue with that is that it will throw off hud visibility and require you to then constantly be leaning forward to see it correctly.
  8. Are you sure it is bound correctly and that your TMS Right bind has nothing else bound to it? You could try TMS Right to HUD scan in ACM mode or TMS Right to engage area track with TGP as SOI to verify other functions are working as intended. *edit* What I would try is deleting the TMS Right bind and then going back to the"all keybinds" or whatever in the dropdown. Then hit what was the TMS Right bind and see if anything highlights as being bound to it. Very unlikely, but one other thing to check is that you aren't setting up your keybinds under the top far left drop down for "F-16C_50_easy". You want to be binding under "F-16C Sim"
  9. I don't know if this is exactly what you all are describing but it sounds similar. 3 or 4 times now when beginning a descent to engage or evade the f16 starts shaking hard, in short burst which I assume is realistic and feels correct. However sometimes the plane will go into a violent, what I could only describe as vibration. If you could imagine picking up a piece of aluminum flat bar 10' long, 3" wide and 1/16" thick shaking it up and down so it flops around violent; that is what the f16 does. Slowing down, speeding up and turning all do nothing to correct this. The only way I have been able to correct this is to start an ascent for a few seconds and it gradually comes back under control.
  10. Thanks for the help. It appears I had a corrupt profile all along. I just started a new one and slewing with the ministick works fine. I haven't done any tweaking yet to the bands, but here is an English layout version attached.
  11. The plot thickens... I get the exact same result using the throttle hat. Only slew up works. Slewing works perfect with the keyboard default keys... :doh: Very perplexing.
  12. I've compared the two and found that where your profile has both axis id numbers listed 7 times, mine has both only listed 2 times. Including the declaration at the top. a10c_x52pro.zip
  13. Roger. I'll let you know what I find, here or elsewhere. Thanks escaner. I can open it but unfortunately I woulden't know what to copy out of that to my own profile. I see that each ministick entry is called 6 or so times in the file. I'll hold onto that in case I can make some sense of it down the road, thanks again.
  14. Greetings DCS! I'm in the middle of building a profile for the A-10c and I'm having an issue with the slew. I've selected bands for both mouse Y and Z axis. Both axis have 0-40, 40-60, and 60-100%, with , / ; and . as the key binds. While in game and using the Mavericks ony up-slewing or ";" works. The other three directions appear to do nothign for slewing. Anyone have any idea what i may be doing wrong? I have gone through to be sure none of my binds are used twice in the SST software, and also that the mini-stick is not used anywhere in the DCS profiling menu. Thanks in advance!
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