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  1. Of course mate. I still have an album of all the pictures I made of it https://photos.app.goo.gl/GydarXFKmSDW9rR36
  2. I'm gonna buy this as soon as it becomes available, no matter the state of it. Fragger deserves my money for all the toils he has had.
  3. WE are trying to make a physical throttle correspond to the automatic throttle in the Tomcat via an electric motor, hence the question if there is a way to get the state of throttle position from the sim?
  4. Anywhere from 1 month to a year. But that isn't HB's fault as much as it isn't ED's. Constant patching means constant fixing because of new features implemented, most people use the Beta branch of the sim, which has errors in it, and they still complain. And that's where the crux of it is. We want all the shiny new gadgets but are miffed that the paint isn't dry yet. :music_whistling: And to Heatblur, keep up the good work. You guys are amazing. All the time. I cannot thank you enough.
  5. I have paid for the module once, and I will happily do so again when it comes to upgraded systems and avionics. There's so much going on under the hood of a system than it cannot be done trivially, and that means putting people and money on that project. Hell, If the F14 was announced as a D version I would put my money where my mouth is and pay for it. The only thing I regret over the years is not being able to gift a module for a buddy or a competition/ christmas draw.
  6. Whenever it goes live, Cobra.. You guys probably put yourselves under more pressure, than the vocal minority of the community does. We know you will bring forth a beautiful Tomcat, given your past record.
  7. Dammit, late to the party.. C-130 or Osprey. The Hercules is just iconic for being true multi-role and being very good at it. And the V-22 is capable of STOL or VTOL with limited cargo.. A fast helo or slow Hercules..
  8. Buy buy buy. I have mine since start 2015. He keeps improving these and they are some of the best money can buy. Read the feedback thread.
  9. hmm, I'd buy those. But I have so many things to do first.. Learning to fly the Spit is still a priority, after I have flown some more Helo..
  10. Don't worry about Milan not delivering, He has had machine breakdowns in the past, mine were shipped with tracking info and took 3 days to arrive. As long as you don't have the tracking info nothing is final, but trust me. Milan delivers.
  11. I want to rep you for that but I cannot. :/ Nicely done..
  12. I do like it, although I have since made a few more mods to my own stick. I have kept the C button as is and used the Twist Axis with a resistor array as you did only with a 3 way switch mounted on a piece of Alu that is extending from the C button placement, that gives me 2 more buttons in Saitek programming. I might try something entirely different. Reusing the original pot with a custom tab sticking out so I have analog axis once again but placed where the thumb is, I just can't loose the C button as I use it for trim in my Helicopters.. And I have gotten my dirty hands on an old metal lathe so now I can finally slim down the stick extension or make one in Alu instead. Saving weight is always good. Grüsse aus Dänemark. War in Erfurt letzter sommer als I ein bisschen schulung bei Enercon durchfürte. Schöner Stadt. Bin momentan nah Paderborn um WKR zu bauen.
  13. Under the VR options tab there is a checkbox to confine the cursor to stay in DCS, give that a go. The performance I can't help you with. Mine does run smooth on an R9 290X though.
  14. The "drawing pad" can be had cheap and is called a drawing tablet, connects to the computer and you can write on it. AS for having it inside DCS, I'm at a loss. It either needs to be an overlay or a PIP of a drawing board.. One can dream..
  15. We have never been able to run Universradio reliably for the past year, so we switched to Simple Radio Standalone, it just works. And I see more and more of the servers implementing the system too. Wierd that the Gazelle is having multi crew and the BST choppers do not. At least the Huey could be a prime candidate for trial runs, you can't fly and use the flex sight system.. Door gunners is an entirely different kettle of fish. I don't use them as much as I would like to. Takes weight and I sling load more than do gun runs in the Huey and Mi8. I know people want to be a gunner in the Huey but it is a feature that needs lower priority to at least having 2 seats in the Huey and Mi8.. In my humble opinion.
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