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  1. Battleships Bismark. Anyone remember TF1942 - the night battles were pretty good for their time... Spent many hours with that sim and computers of the day had a hard time keeping up with tracking all the projectiles... Definitely into WWII naval combat... Superb work on the model ! Regards, Scott Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Maryanne ! :) Regards, Scott Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. DCS: Uboats Hi Folks, While I'm an ex US Fast Attack sailor - and - certainly appreciate submarine combat - I really don't think DCS is the proper venue - or at least everything required for true naval combat would have to be built from the ground up... If you want a taste of what real modern submarine combat is like - there is only one sim to try - Sonalysts Dangerous Waters... It captures many aspects quite well... Regards, Scott Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. How to land with crosswind? Hi... I don't have the plane but there are two methods to compensate for crosswind... To crab or slip... The crab is where you keep the plane level but turn the nose into the wind a bit to arrest your lateral drift... This is fairly simple and easy to do - but you can't touch down this way as you'd probably blow out a tire - so you have to use the rudder to kick the nose straight down he runway when a few feet off the ground... It's a timing issue - in a strong wind - do it too soon and you'll drift off the runway before touchdown - too late and your tires may rupture due to lateral force... The second method is a slip where you cross control (ailerons turned one way - rudder turned the opposite) the aircraft - you bank the aircraft into the wind and use the rudder in the opposite direction to keep from actually turning... Typically you find the right amount of rudder early on and just hold the pressure constant while you use the ailerons for fine adjustment... The idea is to land banked with your upwind main touching first.. Hope this helps... Regards, Scott Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. 1989 Gulf of Sidra incident, pilots never rescued? Accidental post - sorry... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Robinson helicopters had serious issues with this in real life in the early years... Bunch of fatalities... Regards, Scott
  7. Hah - I'm just the opposite - in MSFS I spend all my time in the 737-200, 727-200, and the MD-80... The Phantom would be high on my list and a good adversary for the Mig-21... Regards, Scott
  8. A hundred bucks - bargain - took a ride in a helo over the Grand Canyon in the 90's - was way more than that... A small single engine plane burns about $60 an hour - a helo must burn far more than that - yep - bargain to me... Enjoy the flight... Regards, Scott
  9. Hi Folks, I've got an i7-2700k overclocked to 4.5 on air and it was a substantial increase in performance... Question - any opinions on memory speed ? I've read on other forums of the potential improvements in performance from going from 1600 to 2666... Any similar experiences with DCS ? Seems like a relatively inexpensive boost if it works... Regards, Scott
  10. Hi Folks, While not a gaming machine - my HP laptop got mangled by the upgrade - there are no suitable drivers for the AMD/ATI Mobility video card - I've spent the last week or so trying everything I can think of to recover - it's common problem and there are posts all over the place... Granted - it's not a true Windows 10 problem - AMD and HP are the ones who dropped the ball - therefore - I have purchased my last AMD or HP product... I haven't tried my desktop yet - but - I have a pair of Samsung SSD's in it - thanks for the heads up... Regards, Scott
  11. LOL - back when Tom Cruise was actually cool... ;)
  12. Hi Folks, Thanks for the responses - I know I've upgraded my Logitech software - but it may have been a couple years ago... I'll make sure I have the latest software and try again... Appreciate the help - sorry for the delay - I've been traveling... Regards, Scott
  13. Hi LeCuvier, Given your supplied parameters - if I'm doing my math correctly (converted to US and back again) on a standard day - your indicated airspeed (IAS) should be around 537 k/hr to have a true airspeed (TAS) of 600km/h... Regards, Scott
  14. Yeah - the mini stick works well for a rudder - I flew that way for many years - now I have to unlearn that now that I have the pedals - my thumb still moves every time I move the rudder though.... Yeah - CH hasn't really changed anything in a while - I don't think they've developed anything in a long time - just sell what they have... Still - their products work well for me and I prefer the Spartan utilitarian look of their product over the tacky new designs most companies seem to favor... CH stuff is built like a tank and even though the software is old - the programing you can do is pretty sophisticated compared to other products I've tried... Regards, Scott
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