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  1. JSOW might be a good alternative choice other than HARM when engaging long-range SAM, IMO
  2. - Yes - Beta - 10-15 fps drop OLD fps to NEW fps in all maps - Mariana is now unplayable completely
  3. Starting from F18 is definitely a good one, which is easier to learn compared to other modern modules and has whole navy operations imo.
  4. Hi, I am in Australia, and my download speed for NTTR purchased, via http or torrent integrated in your updater application, is less than 100k/s, which will take me more than 76 hours to download the whole map. Could you please provide us alternative download method, most likely the conventional torrent mode with torrent file? I can use my own torrent software.
  5. try to find this maual: Fighter Combat - Tactics and Maneuvering
  6. I have installed both DCS 1.2 and DCS 1.5, all of which have modules I purchased. Can the incoming NTTR map be installed in DCS 1.5? If so, I will uninstall the DCS 1.2 to save the disk storage.
  7. on board and hope to fly F18 in the near future
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