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  1. And I can strongly reccomend the youtube channel from "Iain Christie"! he makes awesome tutorials for the free modules A-4e-C and the A-29B on the free maps available.
  2. Hi all What do you use to monitor the FPS ingame? Thank you and have a nice day
  3. here you'll get answers.... https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/steam/
  4. thank you both! I'll try your method @Dangerzone and hope to be successful @Lange_666 I'll research if I can do the same with the Virpil-Programming SW
  5. Hi fellow pilots I've a hard time to trimm any module properly! I've maped the trimm function on the four way hat on top of my Virpil Constellation Alpha. My problem is, that it's almost impossible for me to trimm the airplane on level! One klick nose down and it descends, then I click one time the nose up and the plane ascends. I can't level the aircraft and so I have to choose between slightly up or down ;( It seems to be to less sensitive. Am I the only one with this problem? Do I something wrong? Any help would be highly appreciated
  6. why don't we get this? can't be that hard to establish, can it?
  7. first of all, thank you so much for your effort to help me with my dilemma! you're an awesome community and so helpful! After reading your pros and cons, I guess I'll follow my heart and it will go with the Tomcat. I'll accept the challange of an unforgivably flight-model and try to get a friend in Jester thank you all a lot and I fear I'll be back with a ton of questions soon
  8. Hi fellow DCS-pilots I startet DCS a few months ago and bought almost every modul available and also the "soon available" (Apache) but thats just how I function. My gear is from Virpil. I started with the SU25T and took a few hours in the P-51D Mustang. Now I want to full dive in a high fidelity Module. As a child (aprox. 40 years ago) I built a 1:48 F-14A Tomcat and I love this plane ever since and as a swiss dude I also like the F/A-18C Hornets because they are part of our air defense. So I've a relationship with both aircraft and that's why I can't decide, which one to choose. Any suggestions from the community would be highly appreciated greetings Loopan
  9. Pleas ED give us a second row of Modul-Icons on the Browser of DCS World! It is so annoying to have to scroll, to reach a Module who's on the far right side. There is plenty of space to make a second row and still have enough place for the beautiful wallpapers. thanks for your hard and awesome work with this simulation! greetings out of switzerland Loopan
  10. this may help, cause I once was with the same question: I went with the standalone and never regretted my decision.
  11. Hi all I can't figure out a decent axis-setting for helos with my MT50 CM3 Throttle with classic detents mountet. The plan would be just to move the throttle inbetween the detents as from 0 - 100% collectiv and as increased by pushing the throttle forward. would this be a bad idea per se? It seems that I'm to stupid to manage this on my own. has anyone the same throttle for his helos and can put me in the right direction? it would be highly appreciated! greetings from switzerland Loopan
  12. Hi fellow Pilots I'm back with a newbie-question. I startet actually to dive in the P-51D and I made baby-step-progress I can cold start taxi and takeoff and even land without to die ;-o the landings aren't beautiful and I usualy hop one or two times till I stay on the ground but nothing explodes and that's a win in my fresh DCS-book The reason I made this thread is, that I don't know how to operate my weapon-buttons who are all locatet behind the flightstick. I don't want to use active-pause because that's kind of cheating and I certainly don't want to move the stick to the side and fly a blind turn. so my question is, how do you operate buttons who are behind the flightstick? thanks for your help Loopan
  13. thank you for your help Rudel_chw! Knowing - thanks to your video - that it should function an spin the weels, I recalibrated my flightstick and assigned everything new and now it works like a charm. I love the DCS community, it's so helpful and patient with newbies like I'm one
  14. this may be a dumb question but I've to ask anyway. I assigned the pitch- and aileron-trim to a 4-way switch at my virpil flightstick but it seems not to do anything in flight. shouldn't I see the trimm-wheels move when I use that switch? because they don't.
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