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  1. Thank you 51st for the good fight today.
  2. TM Hotas Warthog + MFD Crosswind Skickat från min STF-L09 via Tapatalk
  3. Noticed this issue too but another thing that happens after the reverser has been engaged at allmost a full stop is that after disengagement of the reverser I get engine stalls when throttling up again. Skickat från min STF-L09 via Tapatalk
  4. Could also mention that the rb24 is to heavy to be carried on the outmost pylons because of stressdamage in the wings and that would significantly reduce the lifetime of the frame. Therefor the outmost pylons was only allowed to be used in times of war. Skickat från min STF-L09 via Tapatalk
  5. I have the same issue when using a axis for the radar elevation. I think it would be better if it moves without acceleration so the radar elevation stops when you stop moving the axis.
  6. I think ED dev team are trolling a bit with us here. No issues for the Viggen with this. If I would vote about this. Leave it as it is :) Skickat från min STF-L09 via Tapatalk
  7. I have a bit different experience with this. I don't have any kind of headtracker and get this pretty often with a bit of stutter to it. I have so far found out that is because of my USB-headphones. This message about plugged trackir and unplugged trackir is showing up, with a bit of stutter at the same time, every time I put the USB-charger cable into my headphones or if I turn them on or off. Also this happens randomly when I have the headphones on no matter if the USB-charging cable is plugged or not. I'm using Windows 10 Headphones are from Corsair and a USB-Wireless type.
  8. Also remember to use thr referencebutton when aligned with the runway before takeoff Skickat från min STF-L09 via Tapatalk
  9. Is there supposed to be restricted weapons for the Viggen? No bombs, BK90s or anti-ship missiles available at Vaziani.
  10. The 0-meridian is going through the Normandy map so the longitude coordinates will almost always exist in two places on the map. Example 012000E and 012000W both exist on the Normandy map. The CK37 computer doesn't have any way to tell a difference between this as far as I know. I hope Heatblur and/or ED have a solution to this. Skickat från min STF-L09 via Tapatalk
  11. Guess I'm going to increase my hours in 2.1 and blue flag in a few days then. :)
  12. Can't load up any pods or external tank for AJS37. I think the mission file is to old for the current verison.
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