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  1. +1 If they categorise it as "pods" this would mean a lot more loadout options on aerobatics servers too. Would love to see the AMD pods aswell.
  2. Roughmaster BAF XTM 2021 coming soon!


  3. One day i'd like to see some better wingtip vortices. I would like to compare how they are in DCS now and how they are IRL. Observation: DCS wingtip vortices are always happening at the same parameters. My guess is when pulling a sertain amount of G's. I know it would be a big request to replicate vortices in DCS like they would be irl. But in my oppinion they could be a bit more dynamic. Like you see in the video above, they can be; -Wing indipendant -Remain stationary for a brief moment after coming out of a pull -Wrinkle factor I think, improving this. And having overwing vape effect, LEX, and soon to come mach cone, will truly help improve immersion even more! Sincerely, DCS enjoyer.
  4. Thank you for your work! This sounds more reallistic to a turbofan engine. The current engine sound sounds a bit too digital and flat. your new sound is a lot more dynamic, especially in the high pitch region.
  5. Seems that after 2.7 release, the Fuel dump trail has become hardly visible. Unless you pan the camera in some angle, its not visible. Not visible at all from the cockpit, not even when zooming in and out.
  6. My guess is that you mean the part underneath the aft part of the canopy and behind the ejection seat? Looks like they still need to model the vent that sits in that section, and maybe some panel work + rivets. 3D model is still a WIP as far as i know. So they will probably finish that first before textures. They have some 3D work on the landing gear and wheel bays too.
  7. Almost one year after i started this topic, it still didnt get fixed ED i hope you can get it patched on my birthday which is the 10th of Februari, that would be a nice gift Thank you
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