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  1. that is indeed correct, and befor you ask , its still not decided if a bridle is possible in a visual pleasing way :)
  2. you dont, just hold breaks, full throttle, and release breaks. at least in the current version (1.02) this will change with the next update (release date not set)
  3. no you can't, you have to either use "TakeOff from ramp" or "TakeOff from parking hot"
  4. bigger problem....if you have an Airfield defended by 2 SA8, 1 SA2 and 1 SA3.... it will clutter up the SA page like nobodys buisness on multiplay servers like BlueFlag
  5. thanks for making me start my day with a big smile :megalol:
  6. the last thing i want is beeing forced to download liverys of other people, especialy if they are unnesessaryly in 8k or of questionable quality
  7. never had that issue (the frame drop with TACAN) in the FA18....
  8. on 20.2 there was no open beta patch, it was OB > stable, so its basicly the same update as a week befor(which included the groundBoomBug)
  9. did you "start from runway" , which never worked or "start hot from ramp"/"start from ramp"?
  10. had an issue the other day with TACAN. When TACAN was active and EHSD page was open the frame rate was dropping like a stone. selecting any other page, framerate back to normal
  11. no only thing you can do is use it as carrier aircraft
  12. The "exploding on the ground" is a bug that has been intodruced in the latest openbeta Patch. ED is aware of this Bug and will fix it in the next openbeta-Patch in the meantime Pilots have the following options: Stick to DCS stable branch Stick to TakeOffs from Carrier both work.
  13. thank man , really apprechiate it
  14. Airstart and Carrier ops still work in the meantime
  15. this issue is happening since the last DCS openbeta patch, it is know and will be fixed asap (as stated in post above) also be aware that spawing "hot on ramp" on a carrier still works
  16. yea could reproduce the problem, we will try to fix it of course
  17. our draft specificly targets smaller Pilots... Serious note: this issue is beeing discussed and will hopefully be adressed :)
  18. yes that is possible with all High fidelity aircraft (A10c, FA18 and so on)
  19. that will not make the development nessesarily better or faster, cause its basicly a whole new set of lego toys. Just be happy with what we have guys :)
  20. it is, within some boundrys (carrier cant change speed or heading after takeoff)
  21. these system will not happen :smilewink:
  22. as with every plane in DCS, you can only fly the ones that the mission designer puts into the mission
  23. just be a little rebellious and take off without clearance :) no seriously MODs cannot use radios, so you cant talk to ATC as for the explosion...no idea at this point
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