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  1. CPG must use hand grip WAS buttons for coop. may you check your bindings?
  2. for this section. i believe you missed a feature. in hover mode if you fly fast and acceleration cue(little circle) reaches to ihads boundaries, it returns to the center of helmet cross but velocity line stays. so it doesn't mean you are flying 0kn with perfect hover. you are flying far beyond hover
  3. you must buy ns 430 first. I did same mistake last month I bought ns 430 for mi8 and couldn't use then I checked steam there was an info said that you must have ns 430 and mi8. ns 430 for mi8 thing is just for cockpit installation.
  4. he said he was using collective bindings not hand grip. but before the last patch we could use coop with collective bindings. maybe it is changed in patch, we will try again today with hand grip bindings.
  5. 3-20220408-010002.trkcoop rocket mode is not working with human cpg-multiplayer. we have tried to show bug in track. first gunner selected rockets then pilot selected. mode didn't change to coop and pilot took the control of rockets again. and sometimes auto slant range doesn't work for rockets i think this is also related with rockets.
  6. all of the tv sensors have this issue. it happened after the last patch
  7. this is mine. i think magic number is 3100meters. beyond that, bullets are disappearing.easily reproducible 3100mt.trk
  8. I've experienced this bug in mig29s yesterday. probably there are some other modules have this.
  9. you have to start ins alignment and wait until finish. after that engines will start
  10. if you jettison some fuel tanks or racks aim 9 sound is appearing. it's a bug
  11. LTD/R Switch- AFT/SAFE (special for joystick) key binding isn't working. i used to use this on my warthog throttle's RDR ALTM switch and it was working 2 ways. but after some updates it started working one way. now it isn't even working. Master arm switch(special)- ARM/SAFE and LST/NFLR switch(special)- ON/OFF are working as intented. and it's name should be LTD/R Switch- ARM/SAFE imo. i didn't upload track because i can't show this on track.
  12. i think this one reported and will be fixed. multiple shots to moving targets practically impossible without tgp correction. it must be like a10c maverick logic. you must able slew maverick when your imav page soi without undesignate
  13. change your fuel knob(under fuel gauge) to MAIN for main fuel tanks status
  14. the missile turning to input hdg immediately. not following selected wypt then turning. i know that was reported long ago but if i remember correctly that was fixed. we have this bug again hptpbug.trk
  15. Is there any track file needed really? just fly with tgp, lock something via ag radar and look to tgp. using FRZ option will show you the problem more clear. in wag's f16 ag radar video, he can use frz and designate targets(idk designation accuracy because he didnt show). but f/a18c ag radar has many problems making radar impossible to use.
  16. i think this is a bug. i tried this on 8v8 bvr instant action. after bandits launched their missiles my radar catching them.ver to date) radar.trk
  17. align countdown showing correct on stores page but under dsply weapon its incorrect. it is showing aligned good even you just started align. i will add track now align.trk
  18. you need laser arm and master arm on for laser code change
  19. if slam should %100 accurate with gps ins, why weapon company put on a camera and datalink? i am asking to myself :) i think in dcs that datalink performance for long range is too bad. i dont know how that link performing real life
  20. first maverick slewing- locking normally and fov-raid function working well but after launch second maverick's fov-raid doesnt working. and seeker locking randomly objects without zoom. track attached case1.trk
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