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  1. Same here as you describe, + when you go back to T / R (not A / A TCN), ground TCN, situation is same = no distance to TCN (tested on Caucasus map)
  2. Hi, please check you IR COOL switch, you have it OFF state, dont know if it's finaly implemented in DCS FA18. It serves for COOL-down your IR sensors in AIM9's. just an idea of what could be causing it, I don't know if it will solve the problem.
  3. I have clarified the problem, I don't know if it's a bug or a feature. I will start according to the checklist and everything is OK, if I do not turn on the cockpit lighting switch and leave the light rheostat instrument at the default value, everything is OK even after reaching RPM 2000. However, as soon as I switch on the light rheostat instrument to the far right to the value "start" and then increase the speed above 2000, the OIL TEMP indicator stops showing and the compass circuit breaker "LT / OIL temp / OIL Dil" pops up. Please explain if it is a BUG or if it is OK and then start checklist should contain an instruction that the rheostat instrument should not be turned full right to the "start" value, otherwise the lighting circuit will be overloaded and circuit breaker will pop up = OIL temp gauge (and others at same circuit) will not work anymore till circuitbreaker will be push back down. Track included -=Freedee=- aka -=Freesv=- Thank you oil temp gauge failure.trk
  4. Hi, no offence but Do you expect that in multiplayer mission 24/7, no one will make a mistake in communication? this will happen is more than likely, and does it mean that everyone else will not be able to land correctly? In our mission, this happens normally, to CVN73 TR i report inbound, I get case I recovery, but my pilot does a readback to case III. Then there is no other option than to accept it, even if I cancel the inbound, the same situation will always happen :( I dont think that it's the player mistake. I know it's WIP, but.... Odesláno z mého CLT-L09 pomocí Tapatalk
  5. You are welcome, glad it helps to you. Odesláno z mého CLT-L09 pomocí Tapatalk
  6. Hey, downgrading Nvidia drivers to: 442.74 solved this issue for me. Try it. Any newer drivers are FPS drop for me. But 442.74 fixed IT for me. Odesláno z mého CLT-L09 pomocí Tapatalk
  7. Thanks to theinmigrant and Arbil to state my theory to DEV-team. And DEV-team to take this matter into investigation, I think it will be useful for solve AUTO bomb mode. And yes, I'm talking about I have no-WP selected ad no/WPDSGted, it's depends on alevation on WP "between the arrows" at HSI Apology for the long track, I don't know how to shorten it. -=Freedee=- aka -=FreeSV=-
  8. Hi, it is probably related to this: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=247779
  9. You're welcome, I hope it will help solve many "random" problems with AUTO-bomb runs, if it proves that it is a bug -=Freedee=- aka -=Freesv=-
  10. Hi All, I have noticed that my AUTO bomb mode to Litening selected target are dependent on WAYPOINT currently selected on HSI (just for navigation, not WPDSG, not WYPT marked) and its elevation. When waypoint selected and its elevation if 0FT, AUTO works perfect, but if waypoint selected which has for example 1000ft AUTO mode overshoot far-away. Just set auto mode, and read TTI countdown, for example it reads 50 and I switch WP0 (0ft el) to WP1 (1500ft el) and TTI change by 7seconds. I understand this behavior when I attack on WAYPOINT and set it as WPDSG. But is that correct if I use Litening to mark a target? I attach trackfile Thanks for your opinion -=Freesv=- TGP AUTO release BUG.trk
  11. Radio frequency problem Hello, I have same problem with radio frequency to set. Last 2 digits changing to 130.099 or 130.014 like to ali_H_K Anyone can help? Thank you
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