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  1. The modelling of turbulence is in need of a re-work. Aircraft are way too smooth much of the time. Turbulence effect simply makes it wobble about a bit. There are develpers who have created products that mimic the accelerations of varying degrees of turbulence well - even recording real world data with which to work - even reproducing those panel rattling thumps. Tying a new turbulence model in with passing through cloud structures would add a layer of realism.
  2. A detail ... but yachts in harbours, at quaysides/pontoons, in marinas or at anchor don't have sails hoisted. It would be better to remodel all without sails
  3. When generating a mission from Liberation, the "Player" flight shows as an AI flight within the mission editor. Pressing "C" centres the map on the correct unit but attempting to run the mission shows no player flight available. If you drop down the skill list, "Player" is highlighted in yellow. You can manually resolve the issue by altering the flight to player/client. Unsure if this is a DCS issue introduced in this latest release or the way Liberation assigns AI/Players in the context of this version ... but something seems to have changed. liberation_nextturn.miz
  4. Yes - I had this recently. As mentioned above, you need Steam VR, and WMR for SteamVR for it all to work. Took me ages to work it all out. Then you can duplicate your DCS icon but alter the path to: C:\DCS\bin\DCS.exe --force_enable_VR Clicking this icon will spark up all the flippin' nonsense that VR needs to run and the correct version of DCS. Clicking your original link will fire up DCS in conventional monitor mode.
  5. Setting up the cyclic axes properly is critical. Glad you're enjoying it
  6. Usuall, they're alternatives to map a function to a physical 2 or 3 position switch (ie Off/On). For a simple pushbutton, just map it as normal - in the same way you would a key on the keyboard.
  7. Don't bother with TARGET for DCS ... you don't need it at all. The only thing I use it for is to turn off the throttle LEDs. As Oozler says, set everything up in DCS control settings. Irritatingly, DCS seems to assign multiple devices to the same axis so your first port of call is to filter to axis settings and then make sure (for example) pitch is only assigned to the single axis of your stick. Once this is done, you can do the same for each switch. Make sure a switch press only has a binding in one column. Most TM switches have a default binding ... it's just that you often get a duplicate on the wrong controller. Sounds a bit time consuming but 10 minutes should see you sorted and once it's done, it'll remain set that way
  8. I can confirm this - often with airborne TACAN. As reported, changing frequency then back again restores correct distance information.
  9. I'm going to have to choose a different town for this mission!!
  10. Does anybody know the limits on distance of the emitter from the designated waypoint? Experimenting with the new PB modes. All HARMs missed. From what I could see they ended up impacting at the designated waypoint ... which suggests that the targets were too far away? 1.5 nm doesn't seem like it should be a problem - but there must be an algorithm for the relationship. Then again, maybe I just did sommink wrong!
  11. Yes - the existing functions need to be disabled or it isn't going to end well. It would make sense to add up/down and azimuth key presses too.
  12. I knew I couldn't be the only one. Sloppy programming on this bit, ED, but easy to fix.
  13. It's as simple as this - when you start DCS and go to the Mission Editor, you have the option to open an existing mission or create a new one. This is the correct behaviour. Open an existing mission, fly it or edit it and return to the main DCS menu page. Now when you open the ME you are presented (illogically)with an "EMPTY" version of the map you were just using. That's not consistent with the behaviour detailed above. Now here's the really dangerous bit. That "EMPTY" map has the filename that you were just flying. So if, for whatever reason, you inadvertently save this "EMPTY" map, it permanently overwrites that mission with an empty map. You can't recover it. I've lost two missions in the last couple of months - days of work - because of this. Whenever you go back to the ME, it should give you the option to open or create new, NOT present you with a blank map that has the default filename of the mission you were just working with. Very frustrating.
  14. Both require quite a bit of study and experimentation. There are a lot of systems to get used to - but if you are used to the Harrier, you should be fine. Some of the systems are simpler to use. They're both very good products. For me, I'd go with the Hornet as it gives you the ability to do carrier ops.
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