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  1. Greatfull ;) It's fine, it's working. Now, it's about your campaign "Hailstorm". There is bug : Just a suggestion, maybe is it possible to use/adapt surrexen's campaign? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306039/ It could be more fun, to test :)
  2. OK, new problem, I follow instructions, fill-in : Username/Password/Email -> click on "Sign In", the program reply : Registration refused. User name is already taken.Email is already taken. Please fix and try again.
  3. Thank you hlfritz : i didn't notice that it was in Saved Games - very useful ;) Next time, it will be my first reflex, check this file. Less stupid than yesterday I am :)
  4. Thanks for the support, very quick :) Maybe a button : Resend/Reset Password ? Maybe send an email at first connection with the details at the user ? HiCKS.
  5. Sorry, I was busy with my children...work at home not so easy ;) Server log ? What file are you thinking about ? After ED update and your new version : all is going as expected. So no more problem : it's working ! Thanks for your time :)
  6. Hello ProjectDynamism, I install the newer version, overwriting the old one. But, after launch, the program ask me the password (field empty) : I do not remember it and there is no reset possible. So no connection possible. Cheers, HiCKS
  7. Sorry, but an authentication is required to download the files. :book:
  8. Don't forget the bug tracker, to follow job done : https://view.monday.com/359486503-b7a6e80baf97b7cb2b65082f5ece45af via : (on the upper right : BUG TRACKER) https://www.razbamsimulations.com/
  9. Search modes are changed by clicking on the NAV Update / MAGIC Unlock HOTAS button. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4256264&postcount=8
  10. Thanks for sharing, great works :)
  11. Hello hlfritz, Thanks for you interest. Good idea for administrators group member,I already check : no changes :( It's working with others surrexen's campaign (Caucase et Persian Gulf) but not with this one.
  12. Hi Surrexen, first off : thank you very much for this, I've had a lot of fun playing thoses missions. (my wife is desperate for it ....) Sorry if this has been answered before but normally this mission is persistence ? (It's working well with the others campaign you made) But right now, it's not working : no files are saved in DCS Folder like the others campaign. Need a fix ? Thank you again !
  13. That's ok, i didn't notice. Why not, and is it possible to allow an option "start with windows" (it should be a good option for a server) ? There is a difference in numbering between the downloaded version (0.8) and the one displayed in DCS (1.0.0). Is it normal ? I will try missions now. Thanks for your quick reply, and the job.
  14. So, after a test : No more problems with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. Is it possible to have this options when we want to close the program : Quit or Go to tray icon ? Thanks.
  15. Thanks for your rapid explanation and support. I will check tomorrow, and report soon as possible :)
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