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  1. Medium frequency only alter detection range and detection itself. To guide weapons like 530D, radar always switch to high frequency.
  2. Picking proper PRF(Pulse Repetition Frequency) helps. For example low PRF offers good look up radar performance and it helps to detect targets flying at low velocity but you can't lock on enemy, radar detection is lowered to 25 nm. High is better for look down and you must use this mode for STT and to guiding weapons but it rejects any slow flying targets. Medium is mix between the two but detection range is lowered to 45 nm and it rejects slow flying targets.
  3. You should be able but keep in mind you need to be closer to enemy to burn through jamming. Just fly in direction of jamming.
  4. TWS is more useful, since you aren't completely blind(you can still detect enemies, which lowers your chance to run into multiple enemies) when you try to get better position and it's harder to run into troubles.
  5. If you want to enter STT mode, just double tap lock button on target and radar will reject other targets.
  6. It's really handy feature if you ask me, especially when flying with friend. You can more easily detect enemy, direct attack, it's easier to approximately estimate range to enemy without locking and in general it really, really improves SA. To make it work you need to only turn on radar once.
  7. Only Su-27 and Su-33 currently have data link.
  8. You need to add this to your DCS shortcut on desktop If you want to get back to release, change it to @release, let it update and delete extra commands.
  9. You can quickly switch between Open Beta and stable version. Just right click on DCS shortcut on your desktop and add this: If you want to get back to stable, release version just change @openbeta to @release and you're all set. Why would you want refund? Of course they want to test first Viggen first by catching and fixing all major bugs, before initial release to wider audience. Dev mentioned also some functions which are available in Viggen, work only in 1.5.6 so it all makes sense. If you are also so disappointed just wait week, Viggen will be available then in release version.
  10. Probably because update isn't available to download atm.
  11. I think they will improve that in 2.X version of a game, for now best advices are: -Checking briefings(usually they give you hint where ground targets are) -If you play multi, ask other players to guide you to ground targets or ask where they are -Look for tracers -Using your own eyes can help but that takes time and experience -In single use your wingman to find targets -Press F10(sometimes targets are marked on map) -Use Shkval(that TV) Experience comes with time, so be patient, practice on multi(ask some more experienced people on servers or here to fly with you).
  12. F-15C Aim120C are really good, so staying in BVR is good idea, when it comes to dogfighting Su-27 got edge, especially with R-73's.
  13. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1844666/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1844662/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1791812/
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