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  1. Is this an intended function? This is particularly effective against tanks without using the TANDEM warhead but I just can't figure how to do as a player. I thought employing a guided missile like Shturm or Ataka is limited to a single missile per target only and that the 2nd missile can be fired only after the depressing the Radiation Reset button?
  2. Tried the KMGU dispenser today and the craters were causing massive FPS issue.
  3. Tried all that. I'm using 5600x as well so it's decent enough imo.
  4. Glad somebody else also faced the same issue and it's not just me. I spent a month trying to find a way to disable this thing. I think they overplayed this feature. Many games will simply stop running (or running badly) if it's switched to background by alt-tabbing. Star Citizen is also suffered from this so it's a deal breaker for me. What a shame.
  5. Just reverted back to Windows 10. The main issue I had was the fact that they decided to incorporate "foreground prioritization" into Windows 11. After a few months of testing (since Insiders build), this is a total disaster for flight simmers who run Opentrack in the background/tray while DCS is on the "foreground". This led to Opentrack being heavily throttled when it's minimized or when I'm running a fullscreen application, resulting in a choppy head movement. So yes, Thanks Microsoft!
  6. Any update on this ? I can see the same issue across different type of gun pods.
  7. It's September and this issue is still not fixed.
  8. Done. @BIGNEWY FYI, I can't even get Petrovich to detect a single target in this mission. petrovich-blind.trk
  9. I'm having the same issue and I can reproduce this many times in "Battle of Zugdidi".
  10. I have no idea why ED is okay with having jaggy cockpit shadow even at highest default setting.
  11. +1 you can clearly see it's flipped here. The mirror is useless for low level flying anyway.
  12. Bump. This is such a basic thing I don't know why it's not part of EA. Now it seems like AP round is forced at the moment.
  13. Thank you so much for the FM change!! It gave this module a new life again.
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