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  1. Hi simmers We encounter, on this superb French-pack4.8 mod, some sight problems on the AMX-10RCR and SEPAR as well as AMX-13 75 and 90mmm. As for VAB-mortar, mortar cannot be used.
  2. Magnificent achievement. The 3D model is superb as well as the delivered liveries. I look forward to further development. Congratulations to the whole team. Thank you
  3. To live this experience, you must have Tank Crew. It's great.:thumbup:
  4. It would be great. CA gives the feeling that this product is totally neglected, while it has great potential.
  5. Thank you for this wonderful MOD. It is time for ED to work on CA to make it compatible with VR and update the WWII Assets Pack.
  6. Sorry, still not found :helpsmilie::doh:
  7. Hi, Where is the monitorlua file ? Thank you.
  8. Hello, There is never an answer on this subject. Why ?
  9. Hi everybody, Same resolution of screen. Same problem. A solution ? Thank you for the answer.
  10. Thank you for this nice MOD :thumbup:
  11. X52Pro + Saitek PRO Flight Combat Rudder Pedals :thumbup:
  12. Ok, thanks for the response. It remains to wait.
  13. Hello, I create a mission with a train. In multiplayer, I can see my train, the other players, nothing. An explanation ? DCS Beta
  14. Thank you for the answer. I corrected and everything works perfectly. Thanks again.
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