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  1. The minimum abort altitude calculation doesn't seem to be calculated correctly on all maps. The X is is always showing inside the pipper even when the min abort alt setting is set to 0 and escape is set to NONE. Even at very safe altitudes its impossible to be below the MRS symbol.
  2. According to the a10 manual, the X shows up when the puppet is above the MRS, but it doesn't make sense why it shows up even when the min alt is set to zero in the profile settings.
  3. No matter what I do for CCIP Mk-82 bombing runs this X in the middle of the pipper, even when i have a minimum altitude set to 0 in the profile (See screenshot https://ibb.co/tz1Vvbw). Is this bugged? :helpsmilie:
  4. I think CCIP is broken as well. I'll have to do more testing but it seems it requires a very high angle and also there is something wrong with the minimum abort caret/staple.
  5. This mission is pretty much impossible with the loadout they give you. As of, i had to change the loadout to 4 x D mavs , and 4 CBU 105s to complete it. There's no way way, with the current lighting problem in DCS, that you can use the H effectively. Even with the Ds the MFDs display is very hard to make out select the targets. its pretty much a pitch black screen with tiny white dots. I just used 3 Ds for the first 3 targets and the cluster bombed the column.
  6. HUD scaling This. Scaling in VR seems off. It is too big. I've read that in the real jet the pilot must move his head to see all of it, but i don't think is suppose to be everything. Right now I have to lean and sink my head in order to see the nose symbol or raise my head quite a bit to see the heading tape at the bottom. Also, fix thermal imaging and better resolution for cockpit of course.
  7. I'm having the same issues, i'm running , which is the latest version so, and the FE is yo yo-ing like crazy, he probably had one to many before the flight. Timing is also a problem, the FE gets there too early and so therefore i'm too early and he complains about it, next time i'll just not bother staying in formation with him and just meet the times. The AI needs to be fixed.
  8. went to check VKB north america website to see my status, and now its asking for credentials?! whats going on? http://vkbcontrollers.com
  9. I recently bought a VKB gunfighter that comes with dry clutches to adjust friction. I haven't received it yet but in the meantime I am wondering if the A10C and the F16 sticks return to center or stay where they are moved to. Does anybody have insight on the behavior of the sticks in these aircraft?
  10. I'm no expert, I have only been really into this sim for less than a year, but I think the problem is that your dive is too shallow. To take out tanks, you need like -35 degrees or less is better, -45 degree pitch is the best i think. I have done this before because I too was having a really tough time killing tanks. I set up a mission like you did exactly, and i practice the pop up maneuver which I think you're probably familiar with. When the tank is 45 degree on either the port or starboard side of the nose, pop your pitch up to +35 degrees ( thrust 100%) , when you reach 35 or so invert to the target pull stick gently and pull throttle to lowest , once you're about -35 degrees roll back, you should be hopefully around 40 deg dive, then track and shoot when you're about .6 nm or less slant. I think its better to attack the top than sides, i think you get more ricochets if you attack at too shallow of an angle. At least that's what Tacview has shown to me.
  11. It seems to be minutes I tested it this weekend. I use mk-82 air and i flew above 20,000 ft. When i selected my mk-82 air it displayed something along like R001:15 Meaning that the bomb would take 1:15 seconds to fall and the value changes with altitude or changing fuzing which makes sense. When i pickled, it changed to I001:15 and started counting down. I'm guessing the I means "Impact" or time remaining till impact. Its weird that it shows 3 digits for minutes, but apparently that's what it is.
  12. The slant range is the value above that is in white and it's in nautical miles.
  13. Screenshot See the arrow. I suspect the R000 would be the minutes maybe? I've yet to see an ordinance take more than a minute dropping where the R means "Remaining"? I'll have to test this theory out later and see if i can drop an ordinance that will take more than a minute.
  14. When a ordinance selected and pickled the TGP will display on the lower right side the time until impact. It typically looks like this "RYYY / XX" where XX counts down to 0 as the bomb falls to the ground. What is RYYY value mean?
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